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Hi again Geg Radelaide team. Here is another workshop opportunity for students this time in the July Holidays. Contact Elliot if you are interested in booking a Mathematics with Music (DJ) session - it is about $15 per head. If you need more info feel free to get in contact with me too.

South Australians! If you're going to be in Adelaide on the 21st July (during the holidays) we're running a FREE half day workshop for the EC Community. Come and hang out with Louka Parry, our epic Global Director of Programs, and Kim Martin, your SA State Champion, to learn about The Edupreneurs and Making Shift Happen. The workshop will be all about sharing stories of change and equipping you with some of the tools you need as an education innovators to make shift happen in your context. Your friends and colleagues are welcome to join us too! #EduChange
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Hi GEG Adelaide People,
Makers Empire (3D design and printing solution) are keen to integrate Google Classroom into their product and are looking for a primary school currently utilising the Google Classroom platform to help them get it right. If you are an educator driving Google Classroom in your school and have the time for a chat with the Makers Empire Engineers in the next couple of weeks can you please get in touch with me at or here. Thank you :D

Hi All, Just trying to set up a couple of volunteers for a CS-first club that do not have a google account and not keen to get one just for this purpose at the moment. So we tried using their school email account to sign them up and we get Bugroid dancing for us. DOes this mean its sign up for a gmail or you can't volunteer? Thanks Kim

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We are having so much fun learning (f-learning) thanks Bec

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Gone are the days of limited tools for students to demonstrate understanding. This example shows how powerful Book Creator can be as a tool for breaking boundaries.

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EdCamp Global 2015 session - How to use apps like Book Creator for iPad and iBooks Author to create eBooks and iBooks in which educators can customize and tailor the content for their curriculum and which students can use to publish their writing and learning and distribute to a global audience.

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Please vote for my presentation for #SXSWEDU in 2016. +Ben Gallagher and I hoping to head over and experience the awesomeness of sxsw & share our stories   #GTASYD   #ADE2015  

Excited my Google Cardboard has arrived this afternoon. Can't wait to unpack this box with the kids next week and start thinking about the endless possibilities and creating together.

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