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Deb Robertson
a mum, a quilter, a creative director, a word herder and an expert listener!
a mum, a quilter, a creative director, a word herder and an expert listener!

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Sometimes there are just not enough tears to cry
This week our lives have been turned upside down with the news that my brother in law has brain cancer, bad bad brain cancer.  About 3 weeks ago   Tahu   went to his doctor as he had been having migraines and some speech issues. She sent him for a CT scan a...

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All the Feelings
Sometimes we wish we could do a simple cut and paste of the stuff going on in our life, just to rearrange it to make it run more smoothly. Being a grown up is so hard isn't it? sometimes things are a bit tough and really there isn't a lot you can do about i...

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"Yeah, oh don't you put me on the back burner You know you got to help me out..." {Loving someone with anxiety}
All of us have anxious times. We all know the feeling when your stomach knots up and you can't get back to sleep because of the thoughts that are buzzing around in our brains. For most of us, we can self-talk or distract ourselves out of the pit and keep on...

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Dear Reuben {15 year old, Ex-Champion Centre kid and all round good bloke}
Dear Reuben, Happy Birthday Son. I cannot quite believe you are fifteen years old. It seems such a milestone. I wish wish wish I could have seen how amazing you would turn out when you were just a little tike. I love how you are so funny and kind and PASSIO...

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The ex is getting married...
In a few short weeks David and Rhonda are getting married. The younger children are really excited and they have been telling me lots of little details that have been organised. It sounds like it is going to be a really nice celebration of their new beginni...

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To cherish what remains of the earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. {Wendell Berry}
Last week the quilts that I have spent seven months sewing were hanging at the Exchange Christchurch. It was an amazingly heartwarming experience to have so many people visit the Exchange just to see my work. I sew all by myself at my dining room table and ...

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I signed the divorce and I'm ok
Yesterday I signed the document that formalises the end of my marriage to David. I never in all my wildest dreams imagined this day. Nearly 24 years ago I promised to honour and obey David till "death us do part", but it turns out that the rest of your life...

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Year 1: 2016
Last night the Big Boy Websites team went to Tom and Keri's place for wood fired pizza and a few drinks. Last year, Alex was building one website a week at his desk in his wardrobe (which I nicknamed Narnia) and doing all of the sales, marketing and paperwo...

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A coffee cup and an idea and a new beginning
Sometimes good things start in really unexpected ways. A few months ago Aliesha at the Exchange gave me my long black in a cup with an extra cup so it wasn't so hot. She suggested I could bring it back next time for a coffee. I fully intended to, but it fel...

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Are you ok?
I notice there is a thing on Facebook at the moment where people are cutting and pasting a thing to raise awareness about suicide. New Zealand has ridiculously high suicide rates, this year it is the worst it has been since they started keeping records abou...
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