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Slip knots and doughnuts woke up
It's five in the morning and
There are tears and snot in poetry
Don't read that shit

No really
Don't read that shit, keep scrolling

There's bound to be a photograph
Some loosely thought image in high contrast
Comparing the squishy sound of semen hitting a whore's back
To the palpitations of a loving heart

That shit,
Oh definitely read that, it'll open your eyes
Just be sure to bring proper prophylactics
I suggest boots and goggles

The real gem is a pyrotechnic straw man
Some poet writing after the fact
Way after the fact and
Only convincing you to give a shit

But it's one in the afternoon
And I'm not fucking convinced

[This is the poem about poems that isn't a poem about poems at all
+Leanne Hanson​​
+Afe La​​
+iHop Borders​​
+Giovanna Elisabeth​​]
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Matthew Kastor

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Faith faltered on hot coals
Felt the searing burn of standing there
Smiling like an idiot
While a devil licked it's lips

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Matthew Kastor

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For +Pauly Freeman​, some stranger scribbling on the stream:

On Dust, Lint, and All Manner of Dirty Metaphor

Feather duster fondled fractured walls
Lifting lint was always within his wheel house
This though...

He started at the stain pondering it's existence
Wondering what it's origins were
Egg, maybe?

Not stupid,
He knew it would take more than feathers
Knew the consequences of elbow grease on walls

He looked her straight in the eye
She hallucinated some ridiculous crown on him
Some feathered scepter

He opened his mouth
She heard something else, but he said
This is ridiculous, get the mop
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Matthew Kastor

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Poetry for nerds XD

Honey Badger Just Can’t Code

Bored with his dominance over Foxes and Bears
Honey Badger wanted a challenge, a more cerebral affair

Coding looks easy, he said with a grin
Scratched his head with his paw, it was time to begin

His keyboard unfriendly, this mouse thing just dumb
He’d give almost anything for an opposable thumb?

Can’t hold the manual and touch type as well
Did I mention no bath this year, Wow does he smell

The chair is uncomfortable, it pinches his tail
Panic sets in, Damn you Ruby on Rails

Undefined variables, Parentheses not closed
His syntax is lacking, his weakness exposed

His IF-THENs are garbage, lots of infinite loops
How does a 10 year old do this he thought, this jumping through hoops

The gig’s finally up, he’s been labeled a fake
Goes back to his strength now, says “Gonna Get Me a Snake”

A last glance at his code, he gives it a stare
Proclaims to the world that he, well, he JUST DON’T CARE!
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Matthew Kastor

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Odd to see strangers inside
When inside us still stranger lies
Weave their words into our voice
Until we no longer speak...
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