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This community has been very helpful to me as a new Lightning Launcher user. Thanks to everyone who helps answer questions.

I have a few more slightly more complicated questions now as my first theme really starts to take shape. I am excited about how it is progressing.

What I have now is one page with two panels (with nested panels and neat stuff in them, but that's besides the point for this question.) One is aligned to the right and the other to the left and they meet in the middle.

What I want to do with them is create a second page directly below my home page that will look like my current home page, and on the home page move the panels off screen to the right and left. Then as I swipe up to move to the lower second page (not as a swipe gesture, but as a page scroll - this is important for klwp integration on other matters) I want to animate the panels sliding in toward the middle from left and right as the page scroll up from scrolling to the lower page.

No clue how to animate or really know where to start to achieve this. Please help.

Hi, I have a few hopefully simple questions about LL. I'm still very new to it.

Is there a way to add a label or header to the top of a panel? If not as a feature or property of the panel itself I could add text within it and position it at the top center, but this method moves all my icons down an entire row and looks bad. I don't want to detach them from the grid.

second, is there a way to get rounded corners on a panel without using a background image?

third, I started with the default LL template and deleted everything to start my own, but I still have the orange folder that slides up from the bottom with swipe up and cannot find a way to delete it.

finally, I would love to change the orange color to something else everywhere it shows up, specifically the menu in the app drawer. I was able to change it behind the status bar, and I changed a setting in the app drawer settings to a different color, but it shows orange still.

I have more questions that seem more complicated for later, but these would be a great help for now. I will post pictures when my theme is further along. Thanks for all the help from this community. I find very little help anywhere else. Youtube has a bunch of old videos with completely different menus and options from the version I have. 

I am new to Lightning Launcher and having a lot of trouble with getting my icons to resize smaller with my gridsize. It seems like this should be a default behavior. more rows and columes = smaller icons, but no. the icons are now bigger than the space allowed within the new grid size so they cut off half the icon image. This is the case both for desktop page and panel. I cannot find the location of the setting for icon size or a setting for making then dynamically appropriate size for grid.

how would I make a button trigger a formula that will increment the values of multiple global variables at once? My question is not so much on the formula itself, but rather how to have a touch event trigger a formula at all, and where to put the formula?

I have a bug where calendar events are not showing in the proper order by date. ci(start, 0) is tomorrow and ci(start, 1) is today, then ci(start, 2) is the day after tomorrow. I made a work around by using a formula in a global variable that compares the dates before returning ci 0, 1, or 2 so I can display them in the correct order, but I wanted to report the bug so others don't have the same problem.

how can I put a formula in a touch even?

what formula would compare the dates of 2 calendar events to see which comes first? I am trying to manually compensate for a bug in KLWP that is causeing my first 3 events to display out of order. I am showing them as ci(start, 0) ci(start, 1) ci(start, 2) but they are showing up as tomorrow, today, then the day after tomorrow (example) until that bug gets fixed I need to compare the dates by which is first. I am decent with kodes, but don't know how to compare greater or less than time by date.

I'm having trouble finding a way to use completely blank pages. Pages seam to be removed when they are blank. I am using Kustom Live Wall Paper (KLWP) for most of my graphical interface, but you have to have matching number of pages in the launcher as in klwp. I don't want to see anything in LL that will interfere with my graphics in klwp, but the page has to exist.

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