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Anya Heidenberg
SuperMom to Emma, Gracie and Cora. Wife to Brad.
SuperMom to Emma, Gracie and Cora. Wife to Brad.

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Cancer Will Break Your Heart
Cancer Will Break Your Heart...literally. When Emma was diagnosed I was a healthy person. I had no need for a doctor's office and I was rarely sick. Now 3.5 years later I am dealing with a heart condition. You see, cancer literally broke my heart. All these...

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Love Is An Open Door
Emma's new medication is a long journey, I thought it was time to fill you all in. Emma has debilitating PTSD and ADHD as well as ODD (yes that is many letters). We have been experimenting with several medications since her chemo days about 18 months ago. I...

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How to Help When you Don't Know How
It's so unfair. Over and over in my head I hear, "It's so unfair." It is no fair that kids who have not had a chance to live their lives are fighting for their lives. Our children's cancer is not a result of a poor lifestyle choice or exposure to chemicals,...

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Energy Drain
The last week and a half have been Hell. I have relearned some harsh lessons and I am still reeling from the lack of empathy. I will not go into too much detail but I will say that I decided something this week, if you do not care enough about us to ask us ...

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Sarcastic Christmas
Getting suited up  Two blog posts sit in my "archieve" folder...too raw to share. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions with Emma, highs of watching her fearlessly climb a rock wall and lows of making more doctor appointments near Christmas. If you ha...

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RIP Professor Heidenberg
Do you ever find yourself surrounded by people yet feeling alone? Not the normal alone. That I thoroughly enjoy. I love seeing a movie by myself or sit quietly in a Starbucks sipping my coffee with a good book. That is not the alone I am talking about. I me...

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New Tumor, Denial, and the Fears that Haunt Me.
Sometimes I am absent from blogging because I am too busy, sometimes I am fighting logistical nightmares like technology, and sometimes I have nothing to say just yet. This absence was all three. I had created a bubble. It was pleasant. It was a bubble wher...

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Princess Gracie in Disneyland
Our Princess Gracie just got back from her Make a Wish trip. She had a blast. The first day at the resort we decided to let her have Mommy and Daddy to herself so Emma went to her Grandparent's home for a day of Grammy pampering. We hit up the pool and the ...

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The Collective Beating Heart of Humanity
Helping Hearts, I am not a "everything happens for a reason" person...I can be better described as "shit happens" and "keep calm and trust God". In this situation I felt no different. It did not feel like there was some epic, cosmic reason that our car was ...

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Secret Option 3?
This week I have learned that insurance companies are in a constant internal conflict with their mission and their bottom line. We buy insurance and pay monthly with the promise that if the house burns down or your spouse dies unexpectedly or your car is st...
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