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Sometimes improving your search engine rankings can occur as a result of your offline marketing efforts and the general success of your business. As an example, getting your brand (business name) mentioned in the media and other authoritative sources such as trade magazines can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. If your business is getting mentioned by reputable sources, it creates an impact on your “digital-foot print”. If your digital-food print appears to be large and authoritative amongst competitors, the more likely Google will learn to favour your business when someone is making a relevant search.
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One step a small business can take to have a higher level of visibility in the search results is to understand that you need to be in the business of creating content assets. A content asset is a piece of unique content that is extremely useful for your target market. For example, a travel agent may choose to specialize in an industry, let’s say adult only resorts in the Caribbean. A content asset for that travel agent may be a travel guide they publish on their website for the portion of their customers who wants to travel specifically to Cuba. Once you create a content asset, it is strongly suggested you continue to improve it over time. In the SEO industry, we call this creating 10X content. The idea being you want to create content assets that are 10X better than the other options that are currently ranking well in the search results. If the previously mentioned travel agent wanted to improve the Cuban adult-only resort travel guide, she may visit the locations and take pictures at the resorts she talks about, which she can later add to the travel guide. She might even decide to add content to the guide that provides details about the excursions that are available, and which ones are best for people who want adventure, sight-seeing, and which ones are good for meeting people to party with. Remember, Google’s job is to deliver the best possible results to its searchers. So, create the best content you can – and search engines will eventually catch up and send you more traffic & leads.
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It is important to take action to create a better back link profile for your website. After all, the quantity of quality/relevant links to your website is still higher on the list of items that directly impact how well your website ranks in search results. One of the best ways to build links is doing it the old fashioned way – Start a blog and create quality content in order to earn more links and mentions. Creating value for people in the form of sharing knowledge you have will earn your website natural links, over time. So, where do you start? Figure out who your audience is, and what pains they have that you can solve. This doesn’t just include the people who are in immediate need of what you offer. Try to create a profile (or avatar) of what your target market looks like, BEFORE they enter your sales cycle. For example, before someone determines they need an accountant, they might have hired an affordable bookkeeper, or they might be doing all the financials for their business themselves. What questions might they have? What mistakes might be made? What info can you give them that would really make an impact on their life or business? In addition to earning links, one purpose a blog can serve is allowing you to get on the radar of those who don’t yet realize they need what you offer, but who will most likely benefit from doing business with you down the road. By providing ongoing value to those who will eventually benefit from doing business with you, it will help you bring them into the sales cycle for what you offer, and it will help keep you top of mind when they do fully recognise they need your solution to the problem they have. #localseo   #ldnont   #seotips   #diyseo  

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One crucial point to cover when it comes to local SEO is setting up your Google My Business (GMB) profile. In order to give your business the best chance of ranking well, fill out your profile and provide as much details as you can, so Google can learn as much as possible about your business. While setting up your listing, be sure to select the best possible GMB  category. If while setting up your profile, you don’t find it obvious what category you should select… try doing a search for a phrase people would use to find the product or services you and your competitors offer. If map results appear, you’ll l see a business category is displayed, as referenced in the attached image. If you see a category that appears the most often & if it makes sense to use with your business, this is the primary category you’ll want to select for the best possible chance of ranking well.   Here is the link to set up your Google My Business #localseo   #ldnont   #seotips   #diyseo

Why Blog: By blogging and creating content that showcases your expertise, you can build great connections you would have never made otherwise. You can build connections with future customers, other industry authorities, media/publishers, and people you admire in the community. It is important to build connections like this because sometimes becoming a successful business owner involves more than increasing sales. It involves becoming well networked and the understanding that sometimes providing value to others provides growth opportunities (personal & business) you might not have thought of. #whyblog   #bloggingforbusiness

While there are many benefits of utilizing content marketing to establish yourself as an expert and grow your business, the best form of content marketing is blogging on your own website. I certainly recognize the benefits of tapping into an existing audience on a social media platform or 3rd party blogging platform, but the main issue I have with these platforms is you are never in full control of your own content. For one, any business (particularly one with shareholders) is always looking for ways to further monetize & grow. This can potentially mean that even if you publish content, it may not reach all of your followers/subscribers unless you pay a fee to do so. Facebook is the most famous example of this. There was once a time the posts of a business page organically reached the majority of those who like it. Now, you are lucky to reach 1/3 of your audience unless you pay to boost your post. Some studies show a reach far less than that. There is also always the chance the platform completely shuts down, and then your content may be lost, or you’ll need to find a new home for it.  To summarize, I'm not suggesting that social media platforms and 3rd party blogging platforms aren't great for reaching new audiences & providing additional reach for your existing content… but the content your audience would find the most value out of should generally be reserved for your own blog. This gives you the best chance of earning credibility as an expert, and provides you with the best chance of attracting the right attention from search engines & grabbing more leads for your business.   #localseo   #ldnont   #seotips   #diyseo  

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Pumped to re-release this expanded interview style article with Jennifer Grigg of Social Dragon Marketing. In it, we chat about utilizing social media for small business marketing, and a group of the questions focused on Twitter. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on how to improve the article. Thanks!

In order to ensure its local search results contain legitimate local businesses, Google attempts to verify the most basic details about your business. Your business name, address & phone number (NAP). It does this through a process called data normalization. Essentially, it looks to match the consistency of your business details on as many credible sources as possible. When it is able to match these details on multiple sources, it gives a sense of legitimacy to your business, which increases how well you rank in the search results. 

In order to give yourself the best chance of ranking well, be sure (at minimum) your NAP details can be found on your contact page. Ideally, include them in all of the pages on your website. In addition to that, it is worth your time to ensure these exact same details are included on other locations throughout the web. Some common locations a Canadian small business might be able to get their business listed include their Google My Business page, Yellow Pages, Industry Canada, 411, Yelp & their Facebook page. #localseo   #ldnont   #seotips   #diyseo  

If your small business has a blog (and it should) it has been found that, generally speaking, the content that tends to rank the best, is more in depth. While you shouldn’t drag the length of an article out simply to achieve a higher word count, studies show that the top 5 search results have an average length of 2300+ words.  More often than not, Google appears to give preference to articles that appear to be an “ultimate resource” on a topic over superficial articles that are more to the point. #localseo   #ldnont   #seotips   #diyseo

Why Blog: The writing process is a great way for many to sort out the unorganized thoughts in your mind, and gain better insights on yourself and the extensive knowledge and expertise you have. As an expert in your industry, you are constantly absorbing information and developing your own thoughts on what is best for your business, your customers, and how to address common problems or “pains” your customers face that you are providing solutions for. The problem is we often experience “information overload” which can cause us to forget important and relevant information that can help us create successful businesses, and serve our customers better. When you start documenting this information, and learn how to better communicate it to help others, you’ll find you will end up with a clearer and well-rounded knowledge on the subject, which is helpful for the long term growth of your business, and establishing trust with your customers. #whyblog   #bloggingforbusiness  
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