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Draft Day (Not a review of the obvious instant classic featuring Kevin Costner)
With one of my favorite sporting events of the year around
24 hours away, I just had to chime in on the NFL draft. For over 15 years I’ve
been parking it in front of the TV to watch nearly every waking minute of all 7
rounds. For over 15 years I’ve also wat...

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The Luvabull
I know my audience and to make it clear right from the start, no you horny
bastards, this isn’t about the dancing cheerleaders of the Chicago Bulls. And
no, there is not a picture of the 2014 squad at the bottom of this post, so
stop thinking about it. ...

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Mount Rushmore?
Lebron James sparked quite the debate this week when he
gave his “Mount Rushmore” of basketball players. He said he would eventually be
on it himself, but his current top 4 of all-time are Michael Jordan, Larry
Bird, Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson. Not ...

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Super Bad XLVIII
what a game huh? Hopefully the 6 of you reading this didn’t shut off Super Bowl
XLVIII before Peyton put the Broncos on his back after being down 22-0 at half
time. As the Red Hot Chili Peppers interrupted a fantastic Bruno Mars performance,
Peyton Man...

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My Man-ning
I even start I want to congratulate Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks on
the Super Bowl win (see how I’m covering all my bases here). I also want to
apologize to Peyton Manning for undoubtedly putting the kiss of death on his
team. After writin...

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Sports Sto-ries: The Intro
last few weeks have been rough. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve graduated
college and the daily grind of doing the same thing at my desk is starting to
take a toll. In my recent job search, (which has been unsuccessful by the way)
I have realized th...
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