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One of the more "interesting" ingress moments.
+Richard Russell​ up to no good and Realised that we may get fielded by the smurfs. No one could make anchors at the time, so those couple of sneaky beers I had conspired against me.

20 minutes later I am on the train, boots on, headtorch packed, 6 pack in the bag.

Traipse across muddy fields, trying to remember where the portal is (and not get the fuck kicked out of me by horses). Take the wrong footpath, cuss buks to hell and back, eventually find the portal.

And the buggers flipped it, no links, lower level. So I smash it anyway (keeping an eye on the horses) and jog back to the station to get home.

Grab the train as it hits the platform, head home and realise I hadn't thrown any blockers. Much swearing was thrown

Anyway +Richard Russell​ hope it was worth my effort. Look forward to hearing your side of the story. 
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Facinating. For a given value of fascination.

Loves it when my students get excited about .emacs files.

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Ingress fun at the weekend. Excellent job by many dedicated agents. 
OP #GreenOctober (Smack in the middle of #SailAway)

Date: 10th October 2016

102 agents fielded 27 layers worth 43 M MU over South Norway. Smurfs cried.


Enlightening Southern Norway and parts of Sweden by fielding them under multiple layers worth at least 1.5M MU each

Status: Success

Number of agents:
102 agents in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Shetland and Faroe Islands

Number of new couples: 1
Congratulations to @eirlys and @skarpraettaren.
May you deploy long and prosper!

MU count:
19 simultaneous fields, and 27 fields in total, with an average MU count of 1.59+ MU
Total MU count 43 millions

Medals earned:
@Mysefisa - Illuminator Gold
@Brindinella - Illuminator Platinum
@Fjerdingby - Iluminator Platinum

@CardinalRosso - Illuminator Onyx
@eirlys - Illuminator Onyx
@Fedania - Illuminator Onyx
@icelandbanker - Illuminator Onyx
@Kegulf - Illuminator Onyx
@LeonKowalski - Illuminator Onyx
@NilsyDk - Illuminator Onyx
@Oragix - Illuminator Onyx
@Sjanten - Illuminator Onyx

Bonus: 6 Smurfs at Utsira were thoroughly blocked, and the ones who chose to stay thoroughly covered by green fields.

Actual Gameplay Footage here:


Once upon a time, a group of ENL agents spotted a blue field in Norway, and decided to show the smurfs some real fields. We decided to make a real BAF with an average MU count of at least 1.5M per field, and gave ourselves ten weeks to complete the task.

The masterminds behind the idea chose to run the OP as a team, since none of us had organised operations of this size before. Several sketches were drawn before we agreed to use Falun in Sweden as our eastern anchor; Thorshavn, Faeroes in north west, and Klitmøller, also called Cold Hawaii, at the Danish North Sea coast in the south.

Acknowledging that we were inexperienced, we contacted several agents we knew from earlier ops for advice and help to contact agents in Sweden and Denmark, and we are most grateful for their help.

We had agents at all our anchors who farmed keys and transported these via a chain of mule agents to the other anchors and back again. We are really proud of our neighbours and mentors who came up with suggestions and tips all the way through our planning.

In a few days we had agents in Karlstad and Falun who gathered agents in their respective areas to clean the southern link corridor. We were little bit nervous about the smurfs in Värmland and the cooperation between smurfs in Norway near the Swedish border and some active smurfs on the Swedish side. Because of the smurf activity in this area, we organized a decoy OP in order to prevent blue linking from Norway and vice versa so we could avoid a lot of cleaning.

We had a similar, but different problem at the Norwegian west coast, where our northern corridor would cross through an area with hyperactive smurfs and hardly any Enlightened. This area was left alone and flash cleaned an hour before fielding, since the local smurfs had fielded themselves into a corner. Once the blockers were down, we set up a blocker field of our own that would be easy to take down.

Between these problem areas, we have vast mountain areas where links are few, but their anchors are hard to reach, as well as densely populated areas with high fielding activity. By carefully monitoring the intel map from day to day, we managed to pick a small number of links that we kept up until the last minute, while others were cleared the day before the OP, by agents traveling to or from their autumn vacations.

The western corridor went clear of the Norwegian coast, so our main concern there would be to control the North Sea on the day of the OP. It turned out that there was another OP planned for the same day as ours, and luckily there was room for both. Some of our agents were involved in both OPs, and acted as liaisons to ensure that both OPs would be successful.

And we will give an extra thanks to the Enlightened Intel Operators Collective who had several agents who helped us:


We are, in mostly alphabetical order:

@173656 @AgentDakar @AgentOlsen @altforlett
@amytiger @Antwelm @BiggusDikkus @bjorn2die
@Brindinella @C4R4MBA @CaptainAKS @CaptainKGG
@CaptMorganSpice @Carderoy @cardinalrosso @cheam
@civiki @D154RM @Dalkarl57 @Daniel_Rockfire
@danielwarnevall @DashoverA @Descendant06 @Dovendyret
@dragevenn @DrLazer @DuJohan @eimyk
@eirlys @eleth @Ellensk @Femie
@Fjerdingby @fr1sen @Fredrik355 @GrevGrisk
@Gurunallen @Haien @HaleLeif @HansomHands
@Hege640 @CMagnusB @Hoxter @Icelandbanker
@illorila @Instantly @jafurulu @JonHen
@Kampestein @Kegulf @Kerberos73 @KlillaMiKi
@LadyIda @lakune @Leffa80 @LeonKowalski
@LuisKarlsen @MentorKiwi @MikeDale @Myrmes
@Mysefisa @NorwegianMadMan @Nurket61 @OhhGeeGee
@OndeOve @Oragix @Peahead @PLUTO41
@R2D2NOR @Randgridr @Revellion @Rockenrollbetty
@Rotchi @RoViking @samosnik @sanderhill
@Saxifraga @SemiNormal @Sjanten @Skarpraettaren
@slgazz @Snylter @Someon3 @Spretten
@Starpath @STURMMOEWEnorderney @SuperTeD87 @SwordOfRevenge @Sykepleieren @Tac69 @TeamSideways @TerribleTina @TheGroke @Tiesand @TodGidamm @torarneh @Trylling @vidabjo @Warlord2k @Wouthan @Xnut @Zandrez @Locrest

#Greenoctober #SailAway #XMForAll #Enl #Enlightened #Ingress #BigField #BAF #Sitrep #PostOP #WeDidIt #ActualGameplayFootage

+Susanna Moyer +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Ingress +Linda Besh

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Excellent video here, with my favorite soundbite. "Onyx illuminator acquired bitches" 

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At the weekend I decided to try out the laptop with a game. Can see most of a 4X4 Embark area, and its still running at 100 FPS. Looking forward to seeing what that drops to when I hit the HFS. Super Awesome Dwarfness.

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Threw a sneaky link before a dance today and this happened. Bloody Morris men
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A minor downside to running vms on a 4k screen 

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Off the the theatre, thought +Remy Gavard​ would appreciate the show. 

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I feel this picture is missing Boris Johnson.
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