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Take a couple of minutes and consider. Because that's the choice we CAN make.
This is just amazing, and absolutely worth your time. I promise, it is worth your time.

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Take some time, be an american.

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Animated Map of the Internet

This map shows an average 24hrs of traffic across the entire IPv4 Internet from any machine or device that responds to ICMP (ping). It was created by an anonymous source who built a botnet to examine global security. While the motives and results may be controversial, what we are left with is a beautiful piece of art if you ask me...

This is a 9MB GIF so give it time to load!

Original Source:

#internet   #computerscience   #carna   #botnet  

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My child will learn at least one extra language...
“Great coders are today’s rock stars. That’s it.” -

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I'm speechless!
If you have bought or rented a movie on a DVD sometime in the last few years, you would have had to sit through the compulsory anti-piracy video at the beginning. You know, the one with the urgent death-metal-thrash techno music in the background, and the words on the screen telling you that you wouldn't steal a car, or a handbag, or a television, or a movie. It then goes on to tell you that: "downloading pirated movies is stealing" and furthermore that "stealing is against the law" and finishes off with the bleak message that "piracy is a crime".

But here's an interesting question. That insistent, driving beat music that runs all the way through that anti-piracy ad — was it paid for, or was it pirated and stolen? The uncomfortable answer is that it was stolen.


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Get it while it's hot
Get photoshop CS2 for free (legally)

Note - Adobe is being hammered right now so the links are mostly not working. Best bookmark the link and check back later in the day.

Adobe's giving away CS2. I've seen some comments saying it doesn't play well with current Mac OS - but Windows machines are fine with it apparently. Anyway, no harm in downloading it to try it out.

If you want some tutorials on what to do with Photoshop once you've got it, I post tutorials on G+ ( and collate them on my blog:

#photoshop   #adobe  

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These people deserve to die in the eternal pits of Gehenna! 

J #twt   #DoctorWho   #Taken  

`Yes, this has been posted before, but the Doctor believes in recycling. ;-)

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Sorry guys trying to win stuff
Win One of 5 Hurricane Canless Air Systems!

Hey folks, you can thank +Marc Wenning for this one!  He asked me about the Hurricane +Canless Air System so I reached out to them and got one to try.  Here's a video interview with their CEO - who donated 5 units for giveaways!  Here's how you can win one...

1) Do you have me in a Circle? Great. If you win I can contact you. :-)
2) Circle +Canless Air System 
3) Publicly reshare this post.

That's it!  On Monday we'll pick some winners and the Hurricane guys will ship 'em out.  (For now, this is only open to folks in the US and Canada.  Sorry my International friends! We keep looking for contests for you guys!!!)

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Blacktop nationals.
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