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Steve Saunders
Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc., specializes in receivership and commercial brokerage.
Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc., specializes in receivership and commercial brokerage.


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Real Estate Receivership and what is it exactly? In a nutshell a receiver will follows certain steps when a property goes into foreclosure -  secure, stabilize, maintain, and ideally – improve the investment while the property is in our custody.

Sometimes receivership is confused with property management. The reality is the receiver does hire a property manager, but that is only one aspect of the entire receivership responsibility. 

For a quick overview of what a Real Estate Receiver actually does, read more in our blog. 

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Quick answers to the question "Why do I need a real estate receiver?"

An important point is hiring a receiver helps both the borrower and the lender. A receiver maintains the property during a foreclosure process when the property would otherwise be neglected. 

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New law in Chicago actually helps Receivers since it provides lenders an alternative to the "relocation assistance fee, as outlined in this ordinance.

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Lenders, hiring a #receiver  is the way around this ordinance and allows those of us who specialize in this area to protect, preserve and maintain your property.

This time of year it's especially critical to be sure properties are well-maintained. You need to manage your heating costs, you don't want to deal with pipes bursting and you certainly don't want to overlook the build up of carbon monoxide in a building which isn't vented properly. Receivers manage all of this for you, so let us help!

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Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc has moved our headquarters to 200 East Randolph St., Suite 5100 Chicago, IL 60601. We operate out of three offices in northern Illinois and we're excited about this new location as we serve the Chicago area with excellence as creditor friendly Receivers and Commercial & Investment real estate brokerage services.

The SRES team of seasoned professionals provides extensive experience combined with an innovative and systematic approach which ensures your property will be handled efficiently and respectfully. Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc is dedicated to providing you with efficient and outstanding service!

Contact us today:

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+World Vision is a fantastic organization we are dedicated to supporting because it gives us a chance to help entrepreneurs all over the world.

Hi, I'm Steve and our company handles receiverships and commercial brokerage. I'm looking forward to seeing this community grow.

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Yes, this is me, #stevesaunders   picking up cupcakes to deliver to customers!

At Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc., we believe service should be personal and we take great care with every Receivership property we manage. Our tradition of hand-delivering cupcakes to customers is our way of saying thank  you for trusting us with your Chicagoland Receivership needs.

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Our #chicagolandreceivership  customers are #receivers  of nothing but the best in service and as a reminder of that, we hand-deliver tasty Thank you's!

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