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A woman of many talents

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It's not a matter of if but when you'll be hacked. Your passwords are only as secure as the weakest site you use them on, so make sure you take at least some basic security precautions:

Don't use the same password in multiple places
Make sure passwords are long and complex
Change your passwords regularly
Use two factor authentication when possible

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It's worth the 5 minutes to do this :)

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True more often than anyone would like to admit!

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because I'm sure someone somewhere needs a laugh right now...

best 'server will be down' message I've seen in a long time :D (courtesy of Order of the Stick)

I have been informed by the half-mad sorcerers who maintain the shrieking rituals necessary to wrench the accursed web server to some twisted semblance of life that lo, as the moon waxes these next few days, there may be interruptions in availability for as many as two score and eight hours while the unholy rite of DNS propagation winds its bloody way through the dark heart of the internet. But hear this oath: As the heartless sun sets on day of its name, so will the server burst forth— reborn and cloaked in the flesh of the unbelievers—to once again terrorize the land with its unspeakable thirsts

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remember to always take the good with the bad!

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Who ya gonna call?

Just because people are whining about this being shared in their feed so much this morning and I feel sick and contrary. 

Also... nerdy girls unite!

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Early voting is open in Texas. If you can't make it now, voting day is March 1st.

Don't forget that the primaries are part of the process. If you don't vote now, don't complain that you don't like the candidates in November!

Go Vote!
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