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Purbeck Footprints
Purbeck Footprints

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Shetland Footprints: June 23rd
Yesterday we collected the new tent that
had been sent from Aberdeen to replace the one that was no longer waterproof.
It took three days for the tent to arrive and although it wasn’t really holding
us back it was good to know that we would be a little more...

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Shetland Footprints: An update
I was going to write a daily diary about we are up to here on The Shetlands, but I am now holiday blogger and, after wandering around as much of this place as possible, moving bases twice and not having a mobile signal leta lone wifi, I gave it up as a bad ...

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Shetland Footprints: Otter: first contact.
One of the creatures that I have been looking forward to photographing is the Otter. They can be seen at a few places around the islands but finding them can be tricky. A few days ago, at a small cove just south of our campsite, we found the remains of Sea ...

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Shetland Footprints Day 4
When the weather is not right for
photography less important things need to happen, like the shopping for food or
the use of free wifi in community cafes, this leaves your diary clear for when
the sun shines.   Here on The Shetlands
the weather can change t...

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Shetland Footprints Day 3
We started early this morning and left base
camp before 7am with the weather showing promise but cloud remained stubborn
and refused to allow too much Sun to break. We headed west to the long strip of
islands known as Trondra with the intention of covering ...

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Shetland Footprints Day 2
We docked at Lerwick just after 7.30 and it
was clear that the heatwave currently covering the UK was not going to extend
this far north. To be fair, we were ready for the fog and the rain as we had
followed the forecasts all week and this did not dampen ou...

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Shetland Footprints: Day 1
The journey from Swanage to The Shetland
Islands was always going to be a long one and was to be spread over two days.
The plan consisted of the best part of twelve hours on the road, with a break
after ten of them to take photographs of a wonderful school ...

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Old Harry to White Nothe Part One: The Birds
Walking the paths that follow the Purbeck cliffs is something that I do on a daily basis and I never get bored! Every now and again though I get the chance to jump on a boat and follow the coast taking photographs of our seabirds from the water instead of t...

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Purbeck Art Weeks
This weekend has seen the beginning of this year's Purbeck Art Weeks, a two week celebration of what the Isle of Purbeck has to offer and to give it's artists a well earned chance to show off what they do. Once again, the Purbeck Footprints Gallery is takin...

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A Dolphin Weekend
Few creatures that we can see around our beautiful Isle of Purbeck provoke the kind of reaction that Dolphins do. Everyone, wildlife fan or not, seems desperate to see them and this weekend there were no fewer than six sightings. Pod sizes were as big as 10...
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