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Purbeck Footprints
Purbeck Footprints


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Time for the Kestrel
We are lucky here on the Isle of Purbeck to have a regular breeding pair of Kestrels and this year triplets have fledged and are learning their flying skills above the cliffs. Photographing one of these birds is always great, managing to get two in one fram...

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A Kingfisher's Breakfast
The morning had barely begun and the Sun
was yet to clear the horizon but there we were sat in a hide a few metres from
a pond that contained goodness knows how many Trout. A tall tree to the left
had a leafless branch that was, apparently, where an Osprey ...

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Rutland Footprints: Early Morning Ospreys.
At 3.30 in the morning the alarm went off
and we drove the dozen or so miles to a Trout farm on the other side of Rutland
Water, this was hopefully going to give us a chance to see close up just what
an Osprey does best. The Sun had still not risen when we ...

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Rutland Footprints
The last few days have been spent on the
shore of Rutland Water primarily to watch and photograph their Ospreys but also
to find whatever other wildlife we could in the limited time that we had. I met
up with my brother whose wildlife knowledge is as except...

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The Final Few Shetland Footprints
We have just about come to the end of our Shetland adventure, our ferry
leaves for the 200 mile trip south to Aberdeen tomorrow evening, and we
have just about achieved what we set out to do. We have covered this
place from all corners of the compass, ta...

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Shetland Footprints: The Pick of the Birds
We are coming to the end of this two week exploration of The Shetland Islands and although we have been beaten up a little by gale force winds, we have found this to be a stunning place full of the most hospitable people you can imagine. Choosing favourite ...

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Shetland Footprints: A Second First Encounter
Otters are quite 'common' throughout The Shetlands but seeing one and getting a photo takes planning, a lot of hanging about, a bit of local knowledge and a fair bit of luck. We have found evidence of Otters all over the islands and seen a few at a distance...

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The Road to Muckle Flugga
Finally, after a couple of aborted attempts we managed to travel to the northern most part of the UK, some 710 miles north of my home on the Dorset coast. The last few miles were on foot across peat bogs towards an almighty set of cliffs with some of the mo...

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Shetland Footprints: June 23rd
Yesterday we collected the new tent that
had been sent from Aberdeen to replace the one that was no longer waterproof.
It took three days for the tent to arrive and although it wasn’t really holding
us back it was good to know that we would be a little more...

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Shetland Footprints: An update
I was going to write a daily diary about we are up to here on The Shetlands, but I am now holiday blogger and, after wandering around as much of this place as possible, moving bases twice and not having a mobile signal leta lone wifi, I gave it up as a bad ...
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