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Issues of a Fan
By Inkfinger Rogers.

Sometimes I wish fiction was reality.
It would be easier.
Life wouldn't be as complicated.
Magic would fix stuff,
People would all have their happy endings,
And things would work out.
It would be wonderful to hear the TARDIS,
Or see an Elf,
Take a peek into Hogwarts and wave at Harry and crew,
Nod at Artemis Fowl and company,
While taking some quality time to ensure that Katniss and Peeta
Are doing better now.
Can't forget Seaweed Brain and the rest,
Nor the Fellowship either.
Take a visit to Narnia and wander through the woods with Aslan,
Stay for a while in Neverland,
And have tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter for a while.
Or schwarma with the Avengers.
But then. . . 
The White Witch would exist as well 
As would Opal Kaboy,
And he who must not be named (Voldemort),
Captain Hook 
Loki of Asguard and the numerous Marvel dangers
Not to mention everything in Doctor Who
And all the other villianous baddies we feared.
Dark magic would be
Real and the destruction of monsters and beasts horrifyingly true.
On second thought. . .
Maybe it isn't so bad after all. I mean when I think about it,
It could be worse.
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Блогът на sianieta :: Three sweet princesses
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#BeachThursday Glorious sunset over the Baleal beach in Portugal

#BeachThursday sur les côtes du Portugal, un plaisir pour les yeux.
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Understanding the new USA Freedom Act.
A bipartisan group of congressional leaders has reintroduced the USA Freedom Act.
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Xperia Z3 owner Danielle uses her phone to take photos every day. 
Learn how to access your low-light camera function in her short How To video. It's easer than you think! #ICan #Xperia 
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SINOPSIS La joven modista Sira Quiroga abandona Madrid en los meses previos al alzamiento, arrastrada por el amor desbocado hacia un hombre a quien apenas conoce. Juntos se instalan en Tánger, una ciudad mundana, exótica y ...
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Waze will tweet if there's unusual traffic in your area
Unless you live in California, it's not that often that you make an effort to specifically check the traffic conditions for your morning commute. That's
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Тъй като не деля хората според парите, имам всякакви приятелки. Hякои от тях са се уредили добре. Mисълта ми е за другите. Признавам правото на любов и не е задължително да е свързана с пари. Съвсем друго става, ако се хванеш...
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