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Friends share the word about Linux Mint :)
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Enjoying Katya thus far and I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mint 12. Good job Mint team! =)
Oh yeah....will Mint 12 come with Gnome 2 or 3?
not liking mint12, it aint minty no more. ill stick with mint10 for much longer till theres no more support for it
Jenny A
Yeah! Finally the Mint version! Will you do both the Ubuntu and the Debian versions on here? I'm wanting to meet other LMDE users if possible.
you would be better off getting much better support and feed back from the mint forums. i my self am very tempted to go LMDE as im not digging mint12.

running mint 10 and 11 at this stage
I personally love Mint 12. Great to have different options as well.
it looks really very beautiful. while i don't thing that i should hate ubuntu only because of unity. unity may not be a good desktop environment but it is not going to divert me. Though linux mint is very good distro which has something that we have expected from ubuntu.
You're not stuck with 1 DE you have many options. I'm currently running Xubuntu.
Jenny A
What's the difference between the ubuntu and debian versions of Mint? I already know that I want the XFCE, 32bit version but which one should I install? Does Ubuntu have an advantage over Debian or vice versa?
Ubuntu has more up to date packagees, features, and has everything working by default and Debian has old more stable less up to date packages and many features most people expect to automatically work you would habe to configure yourself. Try not updating your Ubuntu packages for a few years and you will find them to be more identical to those of Debian.
Jenny A
Mint 12 looks like a bloated hog. Might as well call it Windows.
Well if you want to attract more people to your product, you have to adapt with the times. We can't keep using the same software from the 90's forever.
I honestly found Linux Mint 12 to be very resource inextensive.
Jenny A
inextensive is what exactly?
Jenny A
I'll take your word for it since I haven't been in an English speaking country for four years.
It's a real threat to proprietary OSs.
Linux Mint Debian Update 4 is here......
I like Linux  Mint too ! I run 13 Maya and Mint Debian is still rolling on fine..
like linux mint。
Arabs switched to mint these days because of its amazing usability and stability
+Ricardo Vallejo use the Mint 13 KDE. It's the best in my opinion. It runs so smooth and looks better than windows 7 and Apple Mac OSX.
ok. I have had not so nice experiences with kde in the past, but they really polished it this time.
I like putting Mint on USB flash thumb drives for people who are thinking about getting into Linux. If Linux Mint always came with LXDE as the standard default DE, I would put it on flash thumb drives for anybody even mildly curious about Linux (taking simplicity of the interface and ability to breathe new life into older 'low resource' machines as virtues).
I always keep it on usb. I currently have Mint 13 KDE. I use it to fix problems, plus show off how I have the absolute latest and most advanced OS in the world, and for the eyecandy on the system
Eyecandy is nice but most of the machines my friends have are low resource. However the disbelief on their faces when they witness a small 2GB flash drive making their computer seem twice as fast is priceless.
I know, I personally like all editions. I really can't tell which is faster between XFCE or LXDE. I like XFCE though.
Good to know. Just automatically assumed that LXDE was faster because of it's utilization of Openbox.
Been spreading the word like wildfire all over my Google+. Linux Mint 15 is the best OS I've ever used in my life. LINUX MINT 15 FTW!!!
ubuntu studio is better than linux mint..... when u use it, u will change ur opinion......
Mint is fresh and simple. I liked Maya (LM 13) MATE to Quina(LM 17) MATE. Cinnamon DE is quite smart and handsome but it gets hanged at times while trying on a Live DVD.
I wish Linux Mint have an edition made on Debian stable with all applications included.
I am using the Mint ver.17.
It's beautiful UI, Simple, fast, easy to configure & better than Ubuntu.
True replacement of Windows
I'm using LinuxMint Cinnamon 17 on my "new" used netbook ... an EeePC 1000HE. No problems so far.
Switched from Ubuntu to Mint at the start of the New Year, all of hardware is supported like with Ubuntu.
Have you identified the people who hacked Linux Cinnamon yet?

Nick D
Loving mint, started at 16after no more support for xp. I'm never switching back to propriety software!
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