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Ape Motion Bowling
The most difficult, yet entertaining bowling game in the world!
The most difficult, yet entertaining bowling game in the world!

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Ape Motion Bowling gets updated! New features:

1. Optimized scenes.
2. New badge system, can you collect all the 11 badges?
3. More visible Feedback link, give us suggestions.

You don't need to do anything to get the new version, just launch our game from your Chrome browser and that's it!

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Still trying to get higher score on our 3D bowling game? Watch out the photo frame! It could block the ball. exploding magic could clear it up.

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Today we are continuing cover all the Obstacles types in our bowling game:

Obstacle - hole

you ball could fall into the hole on the bowling alley. you can use propeller magic to fly over it!

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to make the game more interesting, we introduce obstacles which differentiate from plain bowling. to clear up obstacles, you could use the ball magic. if you don’t use the magic, you have to bypass them with your rolling skills. 

till now there are 4 different obstacles:
1. hole on the floor
2. sprayed wine
3. photo frame
4. empty bottom

tomorrow i will explicate them.
Have a nice day!

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Hi Friends:

Would you like to join us as trust tester? We would like to make more fun on our game, and look forward to your opinion to make it better.

We are inviting more friends to test our internal version. If you like our game, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Could you please send your email to if you like?

Thanks Very much.

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Happy Brazilian Carnival! Dancing samba, Playing capoeira and soccer and eating churrasco!!! Play our game if you want to have one relax, :-)

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Happy Valentines Day!

Unlock the best ball and the most beautiful dress, decorate the lane for your lover, :-)

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Congratulation! We have 4K+ weekly installs in chrome web store. Although it is not big win, we are encouraged to make better game for you, :-)

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As you see, there will be some obstacles sometime in the bowling lanes, e.g. win bottle, a big hole or others.

How to overcome obstacle?

Theoretically speaking, you could avoid these obstacles only if you throw carefully. But, it is very difficult for newbie. So, in our game, we design some special skills to help you.

As shown in the attached picture, it is "one magic power" to change your normal bowling as explosion ball.

How to use this skill.

1) Click the skill in the red square.
2) Mouse shape change to ignitor
3) Throw ball
4) Click mouse, your skill will be applied to the ball.

By the way, these kinds of skill will be shown only if obstacles in the lane.
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