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About the power of the Starter-Edition - control an airport with Delphi.
(Sorry, so far in german language only)

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An attempt for a clean, native welcome page.
Blog-post is in german language, but there is a link to the Google-Translator in the sidebar on the right. (better than nothing ;-) )

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Updated iOS8.x-Deployment Hotfix for XE7-users:

for XE7-Pro:

for XE7-Ent/Arc/Ult:

"A rebuilt hotfix was posted on 5/6/2015 to address issues some customers were running into."

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Haven't seen this here before: We have an hotfix for /all/ XE8-customers.

(Fixes some problems for the iOS8-simulator)

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From the FAQ:

Can I obtain updates and hotfixes without a subscription?
An active update subscription is the only way to obtain updates and hotfixes for current and prior (up to 2 years) releases.


This is a /heavy/ change. Honestly -  I wish you'd have communicated this along with the other news. Is it true, that I will not get a single update without a subscription?

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