I pointed out the lazy blogging habits of certain Freethoughtblogs authors because it bothers me to see people trying make a name for themselves by posting fluff, when there are so many quality, hard working science advocates and educators out there.

Here are some recent posts from Butterflies and Wheels, which shows how many words were copy/pasted from a secondary source, out of the total words of the post:

How to read satire 555/895
Michael Nugent visits the slime pit 556/791
Imagine 282/647

This isn't simply trying to be transparent and quoting people accurately. Anyone who took high school English knows that if you can't summarize a large chunk of text, you probably don't understand it. Quotes should be supplementary, not nearly 50% of your piece.

Blogging isn't the same as handing in an academic paper, but having this much of someone else's writing pasted into your post is intellectually lazy and sloppy writing. You could argue substance over style, but there's so little substance there. It would be fine to do a TMZ/tabloid style take-down of subjects, but even those mediums have an element of entertainment and/or humour; it's not to be mistaken for serious, quality information.

I'm not saying these peanut gallery style blogs shouldn't exist. I'm saying that they should be given the credibility a peanut gallery deserves, which is much much less than well written, content focused bloggers who aim to communicate science and secular humanism with quality information. Those are the bloggers that deserve your serious attention and the guest speaker chairs at events. 
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