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Sara E. Mayhew

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I'm now on Patreon! Check it out.
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Salut CE faci
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Sara E. Mayhew

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I wouldn't trust +The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe with your comments/questions/membership if they'll publicly publish your email address without consent.
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That's surprising, think they'd have experience with online harassment.
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Sara E. Mayhew

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Stupid ideas should see the light of day. Many people join skepticism and atheism because these debates are their first exposure to science responding to claims they've been taught their whole lives.

If creationists were smart, they'd avoid getting their stupid ideas criticized in public spaces, like Rebecca does!

Also, why the fuck should an experienced science educator listen to a talentless blogger?
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+Sara E. Mayhew People like Sara and thunderfoot really know how to make the Atheist community look like a bunch of irrational children. Btw Sara, what are your credentials? Maybe you should follow your own advice.
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I've made a new tumblr to put my doodles in and encourage myself to sketch regularly. Check it out: 
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59% funded and 7 days to go! Back the Legend of the Ztarr Vol. 1 Graphic Novel and E-book Kickstarter!
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Have her in circles
6,530 people
Well this just about sums up the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate 
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+Neil Bigmista Strawder Pretty much.  It's the exact same issue with debating evolution vs the origin of life.  Evolution is an independent theory from abiogenesis. Evolution deals with how life changes, once there is life, whereas abiogenesis deals with how "inanimate" matter came together to create the basis of self-replicating life forms.

Both big bang cosmology and evolution are agnostic theories.  Indeed, as the god of Abraham is omnipotent, s/he is unfalsifiable, and outside the realm of testability. The entire endeavour of science, therefore, is agnostic as to whether such a being exists,though it is not so limited in testing historic claims set forth in holy books, preachers, etc.  This is where discussions usually break down, as there are some individuals who have so closely tied their spirituality, politics, and self-identity not to their god(s), but to their sacred historical texts.  There may not be any direct conflict between choosing to believe that there is an omnipotent, ageless being out there and the age of the Earth, or the Sun, or the stars in the sky, nor in the age of life, nor how that life had begin or has developed, but there is between that knowledge and the historical claims of books like the Bible, or the Book of Mormon, or the scriptures of other faiths.

There is nothing in the whole of science that can phase someone's belief in an omnipotent being; those who have built their entire world view on the back of literal interpretations of millennia old stories written by human authors and interpreted by modern showmen and showwomen (ok, let's be honest here:  modern showmen), however... Well, let's just say that they can't walk three feet without running into a conflict on the issue.
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Sara E. Mayhew

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Failure rates of condoms run near the fucking 10% range, stupid fucking idiot dozer. Using additional fuckin prevention is recommended by most mother fucking health orgs.

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+Wallace Beery There are BILLIONS of condoms used in a year. 18%?!!! That's 1 in five almost! I'd have more kids than Ramses II
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Just 8 days left to reach its Kickstarter goal! Support this skeptic themed manga series!
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Have her in circles
6,530 people
mangaka, writer, illustrator, skeptic
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Kirkland Lake
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Mangaka, TED Fellow, writer, illustrator.
International award-winning mangaka of Secrets of Sorcerers, Love Pet, and Legend of the Ztarr, Sara E. Mayhew is a professional illustrator who specializes in producing  manga artwork for publishers as well as creating original manga titles. Her series, Secrets of Sorcerers, was named “Best Comic for Teens” by the International Anime and Manga Festival (IMAF). Sara was featured in Applied Arts magazine’s ‘Young Blood’ article on “…new talent commanding our attention”. In 2007, the Ontario Arts Council awarded her the Northern Arts grant. As a TED Fellowship member, Sara spoke on the Fellows' stage at TED'09 and on the TEDYou stage at TEDActive'10 about her work to promote critical thinking through storytelling. Her current project in this endeavour is the manga series Legend of the Ztarr.
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TED Fellow, Triple Gold figure skater.
  • Canadore College
    Graphic Design, 2002 - 2005
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