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First There Is A Mountain, Then There Is No Mountain
Click to embiggen. I look at the façade above the front door of the defunct Ponderosa Restaurant in Magdalena, New Mexico, and I wonder why it is asymetrical. Then I see that it duplicates the outline of Magdalena Peak on the southern horizon. And I think o...

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MOAB (Mother of All Bison) and Other Links
Steppe bison were the ones painted at Altamira Cave in Spain (Wikipedia). • Research suggests that all North American bison (buffalo) are descended from one steppe bison, or Bison priscus , an ungulate that roamed Europe and Asia for millions of years. And ...

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America's Best Outdoor Recreation Value Will Cost a Little More
Trail signs, Colorado National Monument. America's best recreational value. Maybe someone realized that ten dollars for a lifetime national parks pass was just too good a deal in 2017. At any rate, the cost is going up — to $80. If you are 62 or older, howe...

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Colorado Sand Dunes from Space and How to Say the Creek's Name
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve photographed from the International Space Station (NASA photo). I came across this quick explanation for why southern Colorado has sand dunes on the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve's Facebook page. Man...

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Geoffrey Chaucer Understood Our Weather—If You Change One Word
When that aprill with his blizzards soote the droghte of marche hath percèd to the roote, Than dogges go they forth to play, And what they thinke, Ich ken ne say.

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A Colorado Moment and a New Book on Yellowstone Death, Nature, & Science
So I sold a pair of World War 2-vintage snowshoes on eBay and used the money to buy hemp oil ( CBD ) for my dog. A Colorado moment, circa 2017. I probably could have asked more if I could definitely have linked those 1943 snowshoes to the 10th Mountain Divi...

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Let the Women Carry the Loads
Women carrying cassava root (?) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some time ago, I blogged a fascinating tale of South American exploration, The Lost City of Z. Oh, to enjoy the bounty of "rain, unceasing rain" again, as it fell six springs past! Mor...

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Tunnel Vision, Survival, and Who Lives
Your ship sinks, your airplane crashes, you are sliding on your back down an icy slope into a crevasse — will you be the survivor? I had read bits of Laurence Gonzales ' Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why but never the whole thing until a couple of...

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What Keeps Me Awake at Night
How to lay sandbags: the right way, the wrong way, and the Army Corps of Engineers way. The future seems to have two probable paths. 1.  A dry winter thus far here in the foothills (the high mountains have lots of snow) means extremely high fire danger this...

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Nuts to You, Says Abert's Squirrel
Abert's squirrel in ponderosa pine. Everyone thinks of squirrels as caching nuts (thus inadvertently planting trees), but not the Abert's squirrel of the Southern Rockies and Colorado Plateau. They just eat their favorite tree, ponderosa pine , which happen...
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