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Love, peace and sooooooouuuul!
Love, peace and sooooooouuuul!

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Goodness it's been a while since I been on here. What the lick read?

Shoutout to the people who complain about people complaining.

Came across this earlier today. Agree or disagree?

"It has been said that the Universal truth is known by all, unspoken by the wise, and articulated by the fool. Like dancing in rhythm or witnessing an emotion, the parties that engage that truth move with it and are moved by it. Those who speak it, don't know it."

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""I was walking home from my school and I went to the store to buy a toy for my niece," she said, staring at the floor of the office. "While I was looking at things a guy pressed a handkerchief on my nose. I fainted and was kidnapped. Then four men gang raped me."

As she shared details of her days in captivity and multiple rapes, she kept repeating, "I want justice, I will not stop until I get justice." After three days, she was finally able to escape she said. As she spoke, her father gently tapped her head. He said he tried to get Kainat's alleged rapists arrested, but instead he was rebuffed by the police.

According to the Kainat family's account, the tribal elders declared her kari, (which literally means black female), for losing her virginity outside marriage."

OK, so I'm spinning Mama's Gun for the first time. Ever.

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Exercise helps more than muscle and endurance.

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Amazon still the darling of the universe?

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Chappelle eviscerates "The Secret."
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