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Joe O'Leary
Head instructor at Wilderness Survival Skills
Head instructor at Wilderness Survival Skills

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Need a tarp?
Hello, I’m initially breaking radio silence in blog world
with a well deserved kit recommendation in the last few days before Christmas! However, keep
an eye on this blog as I’ll be updating it regularly over the winter months
with articles for anyone inter...

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Joe O'Leary commented on a post on Blogger.
Fantastic - you'll need these skills one day. I predict 6th October...

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Primitive Packs – load carrying equipment made from sticks, skins and string:
When I first
started down this route over twenty five years ago, it was with a view to
learning the essential survival skills that might give me the edge in an
unplanned outdoor emergency but I never really devoted a lot of thought to
where I was heading an...

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The Winter Bushcraft Challenge
Bushcraft training and survival training are often thought
of as two quite different creatures however, there is a point where the two
merge and cross over. The Winter Bushcraft Challenge which took place at our Wiltshire
woodland site last weekend, is defi...

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A Week in the Wilds part 3
A Week in the Wilds part 3...the story continues... With the
Hunter Gatherer challenge week already taking bookings for October 2014 I
thought I should get back on here and conclude the story of my own experiences
whilst taking part in the course during the...

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Nice write up of your trip Paul. Was great to see you and know that the woods were being put to such good use!

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Great blog post Paul and really pleased to see you're putting almost as much time into practicing with these hunting tools as making them. The hunting and trapping course yesterday highlighted that very point - knowing what's possible is one thing but you need to have some experience hitting a target to turn that knowledge into dinner. The next progression should be shooting without aiming. Quick, instinctive shots from typical hunting/stalking stances. I was chucking an empty 5 litre plastic container in the air and trying to put an arrow into it before or as it hit the ground the other day. Great practice and more useful than groupings on a bullseye I reckon. I was supposed to be working though...
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