16 year old girl who was raped killed herself after being forced to marry her rapist under Moroccan law.

There is a petition in French below.

This is a prime example of how (Abrahamic) religion destroys morality.

(Remember: This is in the Jewish Torah and Christian Old Testament, too, ordered by God.)

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Morocco - Protest after raped Amina Filali kills herself
Please sign the linked petition, it only takes a moment - and in this case there is a good chance that you can make a difference

16 year old Amina Filali swallowed rat poison after being severely beaten after entering into a forced marriage to her rapist. Moroccan law and a judge facilitated the marriage. Please sign the linked on-line petition. It's in French but it takes moments to do. Also tweet using the #RIPAmina hashtag. There is a good chance that this petition and on-line and other activism will make a difference

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After you sign the petition you can see your signature here:
For example: "1888 Pétition signée par Hassan, Dubai UAE"

h/t: +Hisham Almiraat
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