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One Person's Journey Out Of Religion

#Religion   #Theism   #Atheism   #Faith   #Evidence   #God   #Bible
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i've asked legitimate questions.  Where have i cast judgment in these comments?  You fucking moron.
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It is still an uphill battle and we have to see if the hearts and minds of strong progressives can translate into a majority of Democrat votes and then a majority of total votes, but this article does make clear how much more genuine of a person Bernie Sanders is.

#BernieSanders   #HillaryClinton   #BernieSanders2016   #Sanders2016
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+Henry Gallardo dont understand him being an atheist would have anything to do with it. I believe in jesus Christ and the jesus I read about in the bible and learned about in church was bot for the confederate cause. Probably had a little something to do with there demise.
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Turkey is still finding its way.  It is either a repressive European country or an enlightened Middle Eastern country.  It is probably both at the same time.  But one thing that must be said is that many of its citizens are trying to re-establish its secular (yet not religion-threatening) founding ideals.  I wish them luck.

"Istanbul Gay Pride marchers pelted with water cannons, tear gas and pellets by police: reports."

"But after police dispersed the initial crowd, they stood aside as thousands flooded the side streets to show support for LGBT rights on the anniversary of the day activists fought back against a police raid at New York’s Stonewall Inn in 1969."

#Turkey   #Istanbul   #LGBT   #GayPride  
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+Odracirys Mediys That's good, as far as I've heard, Turkey is doing better, it is technically secular, but it's law makers are mainly Muslim, I hear that the current increase in tourism is effecting it's culture to become more relaxed, it has a long way to go however, and every progress it makes is surely encouraged :)
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Dearest Junko Furuta...  I now know about you, and I care about you.  My words could not help you, but now I have some faint clue, however diluted, of some of the things that you went through.  The last part of your life is a horrific example of what some humans have done to other humans and other sentient beings.  Your suffering teaches us what some humans are capable of, and how many other humans, while not capable of that, do not let it affect them and do not care deeply.  But I care.  I feel for all decent and good beings who ever will or ever have been harmed by those who deserve Hell.  Yes, eternal Hell.

#JunkoFuruta   #Remembrance   #RIP
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we need to be confronted with human brutality against all +Odracirys Mediys - otherwise it stays hidden and therefore continues - this beautiful young womon's horrific death needs to not be hidden, not forgotten... thank you for sharing...
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Excellent video about how "Islamophobia" is an extremely imprecise term that is used to smear anyone who has legitimate criticisms of Islam's founding text / ideology.

By the way, for those who get a bit angry not knowing about these things, there is a minor "jump scare" at 4:52.

#Islamophobia   #Islam   #Muslims   #Atheists   #SamHarris   #Liberals   #Prejudice   #Bigotry  
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+Neil Mcginnis CHRISTIANS aren't half adding it- they have their eyes on crusade wars and dropping nukes in the US, why do you think Cruz, Santorum and Huckabee want their finger on the red button? string logic.
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Have them in circles
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Odracirys Mediys

Classicism Artwork  - 
Professor’s Dream by Charles Robert Cockerell 1848

(Via +Сергей Рыбаков)
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"Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee believes that despite Friday's historic Supreme Court ruling, people of faith will continue to fight against same-sex marriage using civil disobedience tactics -- following in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement."

Haha!  Oh, man!  I think I've gotten my fill of humor for the day!  Boy, Christians are SO oppressed!  This is funny but sad at the same time.  Ultimately, it will be pointless.  People like Huckabee have already been pushed into the dustbin of history, but just because they are still falling and haven't hit the bottom yet, they think they are still relevant.  Huckabee, I think it would be better for you to stick to your strong suits, such as protecting the rights of huge corporations.

#MLK   #Huckabee   #CivilRights   #RightToDiscriminate
The GOP presidential candidate predicts Christians will use civil disobedience in their fight against same-sex marriage
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Can somebody build this ass a delorean so he can go back in time to live in the 1950's. An era that probably didn't even exist except in his rose coloured nostalgia bubble.
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+Emmanuel Bourmault Well, the US abolished slavery in 1865 and Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962, so perhaps by the year 2112, we will have our wish.
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This is a fake debate.  There is a "journalist" (J) to introduce the topic and moderate the debate.  The two debaters are a "racist" (R) and an "aracist" (A).  I will capitalize these words to refer to these people by name.  (For example, the racist's name is "Racist".)

Please click below to read this at my blog.  It will be easier.  But you can also continue reading below.  Please leave any comments on my Google+ page.  Thanks!

J: Thank you for tuning in.  Today, we are having a discussion with a racist and an aracist.  This period since the most recent string of attacks by white supremacists has seen increased anti-white-supremacist sentiments spread across the country.  Racist is here to explain the threat of bigotry towards white supremacists and set the record straight about what they truly believe.  Aracist is a controversial figure who has often been called a bigot because of his anti-racist comments.  Here, he will explain why he believes his view is justified.  So, let me start with you, Racist.  Some people have said that the recent attacks by white supremacists were somehow caused by racism.  What do you say to that?

R: Those attacks had nothing to do with racism.

J: I understand that, but you realize that when other people see murderers who happen to be white supremacists shouting "Death to non-whites!", people will often see racism as having something to do with that.

R: It is a common and dangerous misconception that white supremacists are violent.  White supremacists are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers.  They are your classmates.  They are your coworkers.  There are millions of racists in the United States and across the world.  Yet whenever any single incident is caused by someone claiming to be a white supremacist, all white supremacists get blamed, and that is unfair.

J: That sounds perfectly reasonable.  Yet people like Aracist seem to blame all racists for the crimes of a few unstable individuals.  Aracist, can you explain why you seem to hate racists?

A: Let me first get one thing straight.  I don't hate racists.  I hate their ideology.  There have been numerous instances of racists who became aracists.  Racism is not something that is set in stone.  I'm just trying to show people how stupid racism is so they can start thinking and caring and give up their prejudiced beliefs.

J: Racist, feel free to reply.  I will let you two debate further.

R: OK.  See, you are already starting your bigotry against racists.  You think that we are all stupid.  I'll have you know that many scholars throughout history have been racists.

A: That might be true, but as I have said, my problem is not with the people so much as the ideology.  Racists are brainwashed, and I'm just trying to deprogram them.  I'm sure that there are good white supremacists out there, but it is the white supremacist ideology and other forms of racism that I am against.

R: I don't know what you have a problem with.  White supremacy is a beautiful ideology.  Racism is love.

A: You don't get to make up definitions.  Racism is racism, and the tenets of racism have nothing to do with love.

R: What I always wonder is why are aracists so strident?  If you don't even believe in white supremacy, why do you talk about it so much?

A: I am strident.  I am a New Aracist.  I'm not the kind of aracist that just sits down and doesn't say a word when faced with racism.  Sorry.  I'm just not going to let you get away with spouting nonsense.  Why do I talk about racism so much?  It's because racism has caused and continues to cause needless conflict and hatred.  It is because radical racists use the tenets of racism while committing heinous acts.  Racism is a virus.

R: You seem all high and mighty, but your lack of racism is more dangerous than racism could ever be.  I mean, if you don't believe in white supremacy, what's keeping you from killing white people for fun?  After all, they're not better than anyone else.

A: I don't kill white people for fun because I don't want to.  I have a conscience.  And I don't merely avoid killing people because I think they are superior to others.  By the way, "white supremacists" are not a "race".  Not every white person is a white supremacist, and those white people who are can change their minds.

R: You often talk about white supremacists.  Why do you only pick on white supremacists?  Why do you let other racists off the hook?  I've never heard you disparage East Asian supremacists.

A: First of all, if you think I only pick on white supremacists, you haven't been following me closely.  I've spoken a lot against black supremacists and others.  But I believe that white supremacists, at least in this period of time, represent a greater threat to the world than even the other despicable racisms.  That's why I talk about it so much.  For example, when was the last time an East Asian person killed a white person for being white?  You'd have to go back pretty far.  When was the last time a white supremacist killed a non-white person?  It happens far more frequently.  But don't get me wrong, I think that all racisms are illogical and contemptible.

R: Look at your bigotry!  You're calling the ideology of millions of people illogical and contemptible.  Don't you hear how arrogant you sound?

A: I'm only responding to your arrogance.  But you don't see the extreme arrogance within your own ideology.  Let me ask you this, and try to give a straight "yes" or "no" answer.  I keep asking white supremacists, and they keep trying to dodge this question.  So here is the question.  Do you think that non-whites deserve subjugation and even death?

R: White supremacy is love.  I have already told you that.

A: You haven't answered my question.  I asked you if non-whites deserve subjugation and/or death.  What is your answer?

R: It's not up to me.

A: I didn't ask what you would do if you were in charge, or even say that you would be in charge.  I was asking YOUR OPINION on it.  In other words, if someone subjugated or killed non-whites, would you be against it.

R: But they wouldn't, so it's a moot point.

A: You already know examples to the contrary.  So you are lying.  But you still haven't answered the question.  What is YOUR opinion about it?  Do non-whites deserve to be subjugated or killed.

R: Why do you think that we are all radicals?  I have non-white friends.  So you are the bigot!

A: If you have non-white friends, it is because you are not strong in your ideology, not because the ideology itself is good.  You just won't answer the question.  It's funny.  Racists never do, because they don't want to reveal their true thoughts to the rest of society, which would help them to learn how hateful your ideology truly is!

R: You say that I'm hateful, but you have shown your bigotry towards us!  I guess I just don't have enough bigotry to believe that every race is superior.

A: That doesn't even make sense.  You don't need bigotry to believe that every race is superior, because that would just make them equal.  Also, your ideology is based around bigotry, so now you use that word as an attack against me.  So what is it?  Is bigotry good or bad?

R: You obviously think it's bad.

A: Yes, but you are using it as an insult against me when your own ideology says that bigotry is good.  Don't you find that ironic?

J: Sorry to stop you, but we have come to the end of our show.  Let me just allow Racist to get the last word.

R: Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight about white supremacists.  Let's not allow the actions of a few fringe so-called racists color our perception of the millions of peaceful racists living among us.

J: Well that's something I think we can all agree with.  Thank you both for being here.  And good night to everybody at home.
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+Daisy Chain _"The bottom  line is, say and think what you like but the minute you impose those ideals on others through violence and force then I think we are within our rights to judge."_

I agree!
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The Sixth Great Mass Extinction and Human Survival
A post on why so many species are dying out, and why humans won't.

Feel free to click on the bottom link to more easily read from my blog, or simply read the same thing below:

Recently, there have been numerous articles about a study showing that we are in the midst of the Earth's sixth great mass extinction.  Below are some quotes, and then I will give my thoughts.

"Miami (AFP) - The world is embarking on its sixth mass extinction with animals disappearing about 100 times faster than they used to, scientists warned Friday, and humans could be among the first victims."

"Not since the age of the dinosaurs ended 66 million years ago has the planet been losing species at this rapid a rate, said a study led by experts at Stanford University, Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley."

"The study "shows without any significant doubt that we are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event," said co-author Paul Ehrlich, a Stanford University professor of biology."

This is sad, although it's not news.  I guess you could say it is "olds" because whoever didn't know this already has not been paying attention.  Still, I think people need a wake-up call every once in a while so that those few people who have have not kept up with the Kardashians can break free of their culture's stupor and understand what is really important.

I do disagree with one point above, though, namely that humans could be among the first species to die out in this extinction from here on out.  I think that humans, due to their numbers and abilities, are extremely resilient.  They are not that smart and not that caring, but they are extremely resilient.  Humans will continue for a long time to come.  There is no doubt about that.

Humans can survive very easily, although it is hard for humans to thrive (and that difficulty is currently self-imposed).  When Americans think of something like a total economic collapse and say it can't happen, I disagree.  I think it can definitely happen.  But even if it did, the population of America (or anywhere else) could still increase.  One thing does not have much to do with the other.  "We'd think of something" say some optimistic Americans.  Well has much of the poverty-stricken world "thought of something" yet?  Once you get into a downward spiral, it's extremely hard to get out, no matter what ideas you might have.

Look at a place such as Bangladesh.  It is a country that is literally being given technological innovation for pretty much free.  What I mean is that cell phones, cars, air conditioners, and about anything else you could name has already been invented and fine-tuned in other countries and all Bangladeshis have to do is utilize that readily available technology, which requires no research on their part.  Yet even with all of the innovation the world has to offer, Bangladesh will probably never get on its feet and become developed.  It will largely remain a hell-hole.  No matter what fantastic plan any individual Bangladeshi matter what new-fangled technologies the rest of the world invents and hands to them on a platter, they as a nation cannot get their act together so that their people thrive.  Yet their population is growing faster than most other countries in the world.  This shows that among humans, there can be survival despite extreme suffering and a lack of goods.

The human population has basically gotten too large to ever die out.  I think that at this point, even an asteroid impact like the one 66 million years ago would not completely wipe out humans.  In the future, the earth can be like an ugly landfill with only cockroaches to share the earth with, but humans would make cockroach farms and mine garbage heaps...and war over them.  People can be on the brink of total starvation, but you can count on them to have unprotected sex and thus kids during that time...and at least a few of their eight kids will survive to continue the merry-go-round of suffering.  No need to worry about that.  Humans are survivors, and that is part of the problem, too.  It means that the Earth might never be without this devastating breed until it finally burns to a crisp.
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+Patrice Ann Thomas Hmm...  That is strange.  Actually, I see that people have visited my blog, but I have never gotten a comment there (for any post).  But anyway, maybe it is best to just comment here on Google+ (all of my blog posts have a Google+ post to go along with them, I think).  I hope you didn't write a long comment and it never showed up.  That would be bad.  Anyway, thanks for trying, and definitely feel free to share any thoughts on Google+!
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Odracirys Mediys

Classicism Photos  - 
Rome, looking towards the Vatican.

Fun fact: St. Peter's Basilica was constructed (probably on and off) for over 100 years, from 1506-1626.

#ClassicalArchitecture   #Classicism   #Architecture   #Rome   #Vatican   #StPetersBasilica  
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Gracias por compartir Odraciyr!
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Introducing rationality to the masses
My long-term goal is to make the world a better place.
My short-term goal is to slow the world's rate of decay.

I love rationality and compassion, and that's what I fight for.  Yet those who eschew compassion should not expect to get it.

My interests are varied, but if I were to make a list of some, they would be atheism, traditional art and architecture, non-pretentious photography, peak oil, economics, environmentalism, and animal rights.  If you are wondering where human rights come in, note that humans are animals.

I didn't grow up an atheist or a vegetarian.  I just got proven wrong.  And when that happens, you can either give in to logic or lie to yourself.  I chose the former.  Nobody grows up with all the answers.  We all make mistakes.  What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to accept that you were wrong and start to do what's right.

With this page, I want to make a difference, even if it's small.  If for every 100 haters, there is one mind that I can change, this will be worth it.

I plan to post links to YouTube videos and the like, which I find entertaining and educational.  I also might write some articles about the things I care about.  Additionally, I may post some pictures - larger versions of which I may put on sale.

We'll see how this goes...
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