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The left wing in Sweden has definitively "jumped the shark" and turned worse than the traditional right-wing.  But the same is happening nearly everywhere except, perhaps, in the Middle East, where the few liberals who exist stand for what liberals used to stand for in the West.

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Only in Sweden would a right-wing group organize a gay parade and a left-wing group would call that racist. Apparently there is a spectrum of offense that must be followed. According to the left, Muslims are top and homosexuals are second. Christians and Jews are obviously below that and fair game :))
The event, organized by former editor of far-right Sweden Democrats' newspaper, draws left-wing ire on social media, spurs planned counter-demonstration.
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+R Prakash Prakash _"So they have 'muslim areas' too??!!"_

Yep.  And the influx continues.  Sweden isn't called "The Rape Capital of the West" for nothing!
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I'm glad to hear about this deal.  The bit that I've read about seems reasonable, and I think that any deal that annoys the hardliners from the US, Iran, and Israel while still getting passed by people willing to negotiate should be a decent deal for all sides.

#Iran   #NuclearDeal  
The accord will end decades of economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program.
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Big step forward!
Will bring needed relief to Iranian people.
Iranian internal politics will be important to watch. Hope it changes.
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A somewhat humorous look at how most "environmentalists" have their priorities backwards.

#Beef   #Meat   #Water   #Drought   #Vegetarian   #Vegetarianism
Look everyone! A new way to combat the California drought.
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Professor’s Dream by Charles Robert Cockerell 1848

(Via +Сергей Рыбаков)
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"Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee believes that despite Friday's historic Supreme Court ruling, people of faith will continue to fight against same-sex marriage using civil disobedience tactics -- following in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement."

Haha!  Oh, man!  I think I've gotten my fill of humor for the day!  Boy, Christians are SO oppressed!  This is funny but sad at the same time.  Ultimately, it will be pointless.  People like Huckabee have already been pushed into the dustbin of history, but just because they are still falling and haven't hit the bottom yet, they think they are still relevant.  Huckabee, I think it would be better for you to stick to your strong suits, such as protecting the rights of huge corporations.

#MLK   #Huckabee   #CivilRights   #RightToDiscriminate
The GOP presidential candidate predicts Christians will use civil disobedience in their fight against same-sex marriage
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Can somebody build this ass a delorean so he can go back in time to live in the 1950's. An era that probably didn't even exist except in his rose coloured nostalgia bubble.
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A TV show "What Would You Do", supposedly about "doing the right thing" does the wrong thing by strawmanning atheists with a bigoted stereotype.  But if they used an example that was actually quite common (like a religious person telling a non-religious person that they have to pray), we know that version wouldn't be able to be broadcast.

Below is from +JaclynGlenn's video description:

ABC’s What Would You Do? Features Angry Atheist Yelling at Praying Family in a Restaurant. Christian Discrimination for Praying in Public | What Would You Do? | WWYD:

Send your feedback to the network right here. When it asks you to select the program, you’ll have to scroll down to “Show Not Listed.”

#Bigotry   #StrawMan   #Atheism   #Atheists   #Christianity   #Christians
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Thanks so much, +Patrice Ann Thomas!  I am having a nice weekend!  I hope your weekend is going well, too!
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I am a Psychic!

Please click on my blog post at the bottom, or simply continue reading below.  You can leave all comments here on Google+.

I recently came to the realization that I am, in fact, a psychic.  What separates me from others that believe in psychic powers is that I am also a skeptic.  How did I realize that I had the powers to deduce things before they were revealed to others?  Scientific tests.  I have repeated these tests and have come to the same conclusion.  Thus, I believe in my exceptional powers.  I may apply to the FBI or CIA and see if they can make use of these abilities of mine so that they can solve crimes or even prevent crimes from happening.  You may still not believe that I am a psychic, but I will give my testimony of one recent example below:

A few days ago, I was speaking to my mother.  I hadn't heard about any news related to this...but my mother told me that there had just been an attack on US Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Now you may not believe this, but I immediately blurted out, "By a Muslim, right?"

Fast-forward to now, and it has been revealed that indeed a Muslim committed that crime!  I looked up statistics, and fewer than 1% of Americans are Muslim, and this is also true for the Chattanooga Metropolitan Statistical Area.  So basically, my answer was like having a number from 1 to 100 on the bottom of a card and then me guessing a number, flipping the card over, and finding that I guessed the exact right number!  Amazing!

I can only imagine how helpful I can be to the FBI and CIA with this ability.  Even now, I am hearing from many news outlets that the "motive is unclear at the moment".  However, immediately, a motive popped into my head.  One article's headline even originally read, "Chattanooga gunman’s motive remains a mystery, authorities say".  I may be of valuable service!  This must be what the highly-paid US government detectives say as information comes in:

A: Another attack!  Do we have any information about the attacker or the motive?
B: Well, we found the attacker, but the motive remains a mystery.
A: OK. Let's walk through the data.  What's the man's name?
B: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
A: Hmm...  Just another American.  Drat!  We'll have to dig deep with this one!  Where is he from?
B: He's from Kuwait.
A: Oh, Kuwait...  So he's not an American...  Hmm...  But that still gives us no clue as to his motive.  Did he travel anywhere recently?
B: Just the Middle East...
A: Damn!  No luck so far!  Did he post anything on his blog before the murders?
B: “Brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by your desires, this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by.”
A: He must have been on to us.  He didn't leave any clues.  That rascal!
B: I know.  He is hard to read.  He's just the average Joe.  He must have just been insane.
A: That must be it.  It's too bad that we have gained absolutely no evidence of a motive so far.  Keep me informed if you find anything compelling.
B: Will do.

#Islam   #Terrorism   #Marines   #Chattanooga   #Motive   #Muslims  
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Great for you . . Keep on Faking it you might make it .
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This video is a take-off on a recent video by "catholicvote" showing anti-marriage-equality proponents "coming out".

This video was fun to watch, but some of the comments below (when watching on YouTube) made it even better.  Here are some:

"i used to watch you as a muslim and hated you. now i'm an agnostic atheist, and it's so much fun to watch you now." - IGotSmilesForYa

"Jaclyn,I used to be Christian,but now I'm an atheist. Videos by people like you,Cult of Dusty, MrRepzion,The Amazing Atheist,etc. made me turn. I just wanna say thank you.I was tired of feeling threaten every second of every day about going to a fiery,burning,inferno filled with torture. Thank you." - DuelistofX
(Note: I'm not a fan of The Amazing Atheist, and I haven't heard of MrRepzion, but still.)

The original version can be found here:

#MarriageEquality   #LoveWins   #LoveWon   #Christianity   #Religion   #Islam   #Christian   #Muslim
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One Person's Journey Out Of Religion

#Religion   #Theism   #Atheism   #Faith   #Evidence   #God   #Bible
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+good bye Why do you believe in God unquestioningly? For all of your bluster and fake outrage, you have failed to provide a single reason for why you believe in the Christian God. And if you don't wish to be included in anything 'blasphemous' then may i suggest you don't comment on atheist videos?
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It is still an uphill battle and we have to see if the hearts and minds of strong progressives can translate into a majority of Democrat votes and then a majority of total votes, but this article does make clear how much more genuine of a person Bernie Sanders is.

#BernieSanders   #HillaryClinton   #BernieSanders2016   #Sanders2016
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+Henry Gallardo dont understand him being an atheist would have anything to do with it. I believe in jesus Christ and the jesus I read about in the bible and learned about in church was bot for the confederate cause. Probably had a little something to do with there demise.
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Turkey is still finding its way.  It is either a repressive European country or an enlightened Middle Eastern country.  It is probably both at the same time.  But one thing that must be said is that many of its citizens are trying to re-establish its secular (yet not religion-threatening) founding ideals.  I wish them luck.

"Istanbul Gay Pride marchers pelted with water cannons, tear gas and pellets by police: reports."

"But after police dispersed the initial crowd, they stood aside as thousands flooded the side streets to show support for LGBT rights on the anniversary of the day activists fought back against a police raid at New York’s Stonewall Inn in 1969."

#Turkey   #Istanbul   #LGBT   #GayPride  
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+Good OL Mike Actually, you are a cancer to this world.  But I'll leave your comment up for now so people can see what kind of irrational and needless hate exists in the year 2015.
Introducing rationality to the masses
My long-term goal is to make the world a better place.
My short-term goal is to slow the world's rate of decay.

I love rationality and compassion, and that's what I fight for.  Yet those who eschew compassion should not expect to get it.

My interests are varied, but if I were to make a list of some, they would be atheism, traditional art and architecture, non-pretentious photography, peak oil, economics, environmentalism, and animal rights.  If you are wondering where human rights come in, note that humans are animals.

I didn't grow up an atheist or a vegetarian.  I just got proven wrong.  And when that happens, you can either give in to logic or lie to yourself.  I chose the former.  Nobody grows up with all the answers.  We all make mistakes.  What separates the strong from the weak is the ability to accept that you were wrong and start to do what's right.

With this page, I want to make a difference, even if it's small.  If for every 100 haters, there is one mind that I can change, this will be worth it.

I plan to post links to YouTube videos and the like, which I find entertaining and educational.  I also might write some articles about the things I care about.  Additionally, I may post some pictures - larger versions of which I may put on sale.

We'll see how this goes...
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