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Introducing rationality to the masses

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-Shahak Shapira

(Also via +M. Rochecouste)
What's strange about this picture?
Saruman normalises relationships with Saudi Arabia and the USA.

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The Most Blatant Propaganda I've Ever Seen

As Donald Trump sucks up to the fascist Saudi government, Fox News publishes an "opinion piece" that is so propagandistic, it is shocking. I'm not shocked that stories from mainstream media outlets in my news feed are propaganda. That's par for the course. I'm just shocked that this one is so blatant. Usually, they try to at least pretend like what they spew is news-worthy and at least semi-truthful. Here, they didn't even try. Here are some quotes from the piece, written by Ali Shihabi, "the executive director of the Arabia Foundation a Washington, DC-based propaganda outlet think tank focused on the geopolitics of the Arabian Peninsula", along with some of my comments:

"As custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, and as leader of the 41-nation Islamic coalition established to combat terror, Saudi Arabia is on the front line of the global fight against radical jihadi terrorism."

Um... OK... Did you confuse "for" and "against"?

"And yet, some critics in the West continue to ridicule any Saudi role in fighting terrorism."

Uh... Yes. Yes, we do.

"Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the fight against terrorism may be hard to fathom for many Americans. After all, in the confusion following the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, a narrative developed that the terrorists attacked America because they wanted to change the American way of life. In fact, Al Qaeda – a strain of which became ISIS – has never held illusions about its capacity to spread its ideology in the United States. Instead, the 9/11 attacks were highly strategic, designed with one goal: to sever the strong Saudi–U.S. alliance. There is a reason Al Qaeda deliberately chose 15 Saudis among the hijackers. It was not because of “Wahhabism” or because of a secret Saudi hatred of the Western way of life. It was because Al Qaeda’s goal has been, and remains, the provocation of a U.S.-Saudi divorce."

Ah, so that's it! The reason for 9/11 was that the US and Saudi Arabia were too friendly with each other! It didn't have anything to do with Wahhabism. I see now! My only question is why the 9/11 attackers weren't British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Japanese, or a myriad of nationalities from countries that we get along with ever better than with our pals, Saudi Arabia... Man... Can you believe that Ali the propagandist said that "Al Qaeda deliberately chose 15 Saudis"? Al Qaeda was like, "Hey, you! Yes, you! You will commit suicide for us while murdering thousands of Americans and others, and there's nothing you can do about it, you moderate Saudi Arabian civilian!", and the moderate Saudi Arabian civilian said, "Well, I guess I can't do anything about this. After all, you chose me."

"Al Qaeda then, and ISIS today, hope to use terror to push the U.S. into withdrawing from the Gulf region, because they perceive the American presence as essential to preserving the existing political order in the Arabian Peninsula. Iran shares this strategy with ISIS, which is why it funds and arms destabilizing terror groups in the region, from Hezbollah in Syria to the Houthis in Yemen. Without an American presence in the region, jihadi leaders believe they could overthrow the Gulf monarchies."

How is this person comparing ISIS to Iran? Iran is one of the greatest enemies of ISIS. (More than the US government is, by the looks of it.) You can just see the seething Sunni Arab hatred for Iran seeping into this propaganda piece, as there is nothing in this that warrants bringing up Iran.

"Meanwhile, campaigns of terror have only brought the U.S. and Saudi Arabia closer together, deepening a relationship that has endured for three-quarters of a century."

Um... No, it hasn't. This propaganda is way too thick. It's like it's from an alternative reality.

"This bilateral bond and strengthening alliance against terrorism between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will ensure that neither Mecca nor Main Street, USA, will fall to the perverted and murderous ideology of radical jihadis."

Saudi Arabia is already under the perverted and murderous ideology of radical jihadis, and they are exporting this murderous ideology across the world, and Trump is helping to grow their economy and have them invest more in the US (which means they will control more of the US). I would like to know who, exactly, this propaganda piece fooled. Humans tend to be extremely stupid, but THAT level of stupid is hard to fathom!

#SaudiArabia #USA #BFF #BFFs #Alliance #DonaldTrump #Trump #OurAllies #RaifBadawi #DinaAli #FreeRaifBadawi #FreeDinaAli

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Premium Fresh Young Chicken

Yesterday, while on a drive, I got behind a truck and took this picture. (During a roughly half-hour period on the road, I came across three more such trucks.) I could smell the truck from so close, and the smell was not good. These chickens were dirty and lame, unable to stand up even if they had the room to do so. Some were throwing their legs around, attempting to stand. I wondered what it must be like for them to see the outside world for the first time in their lives. Of course, there is also the heat and the wind (blowing feathers from the truck as it drove), but the outdoors, even if from behind bars, may have excited them a bit. Who knows what they would find in this whole new world that they had not known even an hour earlier? Maybe their lives would change for the better. Well, that did not pan out. As I kept driving straight, the truck turned right...into a processing plant with a sign boasting "Premium Fresh Young Chicken". Well, that was their glimpse of the least for those few closest to the outside bars of the cages. (All the others in the interior of the cages could see was other chickens.)

If you would like to know the end of the story (skipping some of the more gory details), here it is, at the Tyson product link below:

Mind you, they got an average one-star rating, with one review saying, "I purchased 3 chickens to fry for my familys Sunday dinner for what they cost they were nasty. I spent over an hour just cleaning them of the pin feathers that was left on them...the meat was also bruised. For what they cost it seems you could clean them better."

Nothing against the chickens, of course. They can't help being "nasty" and "bruised".

#Chicken #Chickens #Tyson #PremiumFreshYoungChicken #Veganism #Vegetarianism #Vegan #Vegetarian #AnimalRights


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Let me explain this as simply as I can. Pigs and chickens do not live on "farms" like in your favorite cartoons and nursery rhymes, but rather officially on "concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)". In these places, they have no room and no access to the outdoors and defecate in their cells/sheds. All of this feces and urine, which is then put into vats, excretion ponds, and sprayed onto the nearby ground. The smell is unbearable even to neighbors living well away from these "farms" (that is, "concentrated animal feeding operations"). If the smell is unbearable to far-flung neighbors living up to 3 miles away, imagine what it is like for the animals who spend their entire lives in this "toilet prison". Well now, Republican legislators in North Carolina have passed a bill that limits lawsuits against these "CAFOs". So if a CAFO moves nearby and you are subjected to unbearable smells of hog feces (again, imagine being the hogs not living 3 miles away, but rather right in that toilet), well, you're just out of luck. I'm sure this law was high in the list of priorities of the voters, because I can't imagine that our honorable Republican congressmen would ever take money from corporate lobbyists and work for these corporations instead of working for the people. No way! Not in America!

#FactoryFarms #CAFO #CAFOs #NorthCarolina #PigFarm #PoultryFarm #ChickenFarm #Farm #Farms #Animals #Corruption #Congress #Legislature

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What happens when you hold up a sign that reads, "The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" anywhere near "Anti-fascists"? Take a look at this 2+ minute video to find out.

#Antifa #FreeSpeech #WhatHasTheWorldComeTo

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Muslim migrants to Europe are bringing further diversity of facial features, by force if necessary.

#AcidAttacks #Acid #Islam #London #England

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What Chinese Think Of North Korea

I like these types of videos, where random people are asked various questions. This one is on the "Asian Boss" YouTube channel. This channel mostly deals with East Asia. I also like Corey Gil-Shuster, who focuses on Israel and Palestine. And then there is Yuta who asks Japanese people questions. The links to their channels are below. Also, if you know any other good cross-cultural question channels like these, feel free to let me know.

Asian Boss:

Corey Gil-Shuster:


#Questions #Opinions #CrossCulture

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This is an eye-opening look into the fascistic nature of Egypt (before, during, and after Mubarak) and the Islamic culture common across the Middle East. Did you know that in Egypt, the government picks the subject you study at university, not you? Did you know that if you cross the government by creating a secular political party, you will get calls from the Egyptian intelligence agency at 2:00am at night saying, "I want your head in my freezer"? Did you know that since escaping Egypt and being an actual asylum-seeker, her biggest critics have been on the left calling her an Islamophobe (and a racist, of course), after everything that has happened to her, and despite the fact that she has some Muslim friends? Did you know that there is a way to create positive change in the Islamic world without any invasion, but the West is loathe to use this extremely simple method? If you want to know more, please listen to this fascinating interview between Gad Saad and Cynthia Farahat.

#GadSaad #TheSaadTruth #CynthiaFarahat #Egypt

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(Via +Chris Z)

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Things are getting out of control with protests that try to stifle free speech. OK, they have BEEN out of control for at least a year at this point. Some people just don't want others to speak. No longer is freedom of speech important. Many wrongly think that if you, personally, don't like what others have to say, you have a right to keep that speech from being said. That is the way of thinking that is being spread across many technically "free" countries. When they can't stop free speech, they often just slander those who speak with claims that would be laughable if they didn't cause harm to the person's career.

Such is the case with those protesting "The Red Pill", a video by Cassie Jaye, a woman who made a nuanced video about the "Men's Rights Movement". (The subtitle is "A Feminist's Journey Into The Men's Rights Movement".) As strange as a special focus on "Men's Rights" may sound, after doing some digging, I now get where they are coming from. Of course it just tells half of the story, but it tells the half that almost nobody hears, and which news outlets do not want people to hear. So it is from a certain perspective, certainly, but there IS some stuff to learn, if you keep an open mind. But these days, so many people do whatever they can so that they won't need to have an open mind. They just want to destroy any opinions that they do not personally believe in.

At the bottom is a video that I found that really goes into depth about some of these issues.

Below is a link to "The Red Pill", the movie (which I haven't seen yet):

And here is a link to information about a protest at a Sydney University campus over a freaking film made by and produced by a woman, which takes a nuanced stance about some grievances that certain men have:

#TheRedPill #Freedom #FreedomOfSpeech #CassieJaye #MRAs #TommySotomayor #StefanMolyneux

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