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Introducing rationality to the masses
Introducing rationality to the masses

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All about the recent coup d'etat in Zimbabwe. Also, according to 5:22 in the video, we may have our first modern Warlock leader of Zimbabwe.

#Zimbabwe #Coup #Warlock #FirstWarlockPresident

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Console Power Compared (CPU Bits, GPU Bits, MIPS, GFLOPS)

These four charts (you have to click the link to see them) show you the comparative power of consoles over time. This is one example, comparing the Sega Genesis to a PlayStation 4:

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive (Released 1988):
CPU: 16 Bits
GPU: 16 Bits

Sony PlayStation 4 (Released 2013):
CPU: 256 Bits
GPU: 256 Bits
MIPS: 200,000
MFLOPS: 1,843,200

(Note that "Bits" are not as important regarding the overall power of a system these days. For example, 1998's Sega Dreamcast had a 128-bit CPU, while 2013's XBOX One (which competes with the 256-bit PS4) is a 64-bit machine, yet is much more powerful than the (admittedly amazing for 1998) Dreamcast.


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I recently heard this song for the first time, and it has been percolating around my mind ever since. I like it, so I thought I'd share it.

#BigBang #WhatIsRight #KPop

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I enjoyed this man's book, "Things Fall Apart", the story of a xenophobic racist who is angry that his racial majority is losing its grip on power and who then proceeds to murder an undocumented migrant of a different race and religion.


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Not good. Is this what the voters were passionate about? I don't think so.

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This video shows the estimated population explosion from 1950-2090. It is worth watching the changes in the video, but below are the basics.

1950 Total Population:
2.5 Billion

1950 Top 10 Most Populous Countries:
China, India, USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, UK, Italy

2090 Total Population:
11 Billion

2090 Top 10 Most Populous Countries:
India, China, Nigeria, USA, Pakistan, DR Congo, Tanzania, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Brazil

#PopulationExplosion #AnthropoceneExtinctionEvent #NoSelfRestraint

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How Ron Miscavige escaped Scientology...and Scientologists

(MP3 is here:

#Scientology #Religion #Escape

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Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on Halloween.

#Japan #Halloween #Shibuya

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This roo doesn't mince words.


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A luxury that not many people think about: Safe tap water

This website shows maps and has lists of the countries where it is safe to drink (or brush your teeth with) the tap water. Notice how rare this luxury is in the world.

#TapWater #Water #PotableWater
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