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Pioneer Steel Buildings
Have a space and an idea? Let's talk Pioneer Steel and get building!
Have a space and an idea? Let's talk Pioneer Steel and get building!


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STEEL OVERSTOCK. Steel Building Prices that will Blow You Away!
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Some samples of Pioneer Steel Buildings for residential use.
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Steel Buildings…not just for workshops.
It's true…Pioneer Steel Buildings make great workshops, garages and work spaces.
But, did you know that you could actually live in a Steel building?  That’s right, live in it! 
Steel buildings present virtually unlimited customization opportunities for unique living and work spaces.  Easy to insulate. Easy to finish.  With some planning, you can have a home or workspace with curves turns and design features worked into the initial plans that will go a long way to making a truly eye catching and unique space for residential living or artistic workspace.
Let’s get building at

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Why Build With Steel ?

There are many reasons for choosing steel over wood.  One of the best is the fact that pre-engineered steel buildings are more economical to build than traditional wooden structures.  Steel buildings require less labor in both, the manufacturing 
of the building as well as the construction of the foundation.   This results in lower, overall construction costs, and also brings added value to the project for the owner.

For every project from a garage, woodshop or even a home, these savings can help to offset the additional costs of finishing the structure.

Unlike traditional wooden buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings are designed to be trussless, allowing for 100% useable space.  And, they are maintenance free !

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Pioneer Steel Building's biggest sale of the year has just started.  We can't remember the last time prices were this low!  For a limited time only, every model is on sale!  

When you compare the cost of a traditional building you will be amazed at how much money you will save.

Whether you're building the ultimate workshop, garage, storage facility, or even a home, our clear span, trussless buildings will give you 100% useable space. And, they are maintenance free ! Visit our specials page for more information;
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