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10% off from online North America playstastion store. Good from now till Dec 1 
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Nice thank you
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David Septimo

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Today's purchase. Still got a couple of items on the wishlist but they'll have to wait for now... #Ys #LostSong #Norn9 #Vita
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I know right David!
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Zero Escape 3 titled Zero Time Dilemma, releasing next summer
Spike Chunsoft's oft-requested (by five people) sequel, Zero Escape 3, will be dropping the numerical value in its title for the final release. T...
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i remembered there's a awesome realistic games coming to ps vita since they representing by sony on E3 2014 but it's very upset to other people about the games has been cancelled before releasing.
here's the games they releasing on ps vita:
adventure time,

these are the most awesome game on ps vita. you know why they cancel it, because of sony or another deverlopers.
we feel exciting to see those best games on ps vita and now, they cancelled and we feel so sad.
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David Septimo

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So.... I was thinking of getting I to the Danganronpa series and checked gamestop online, tell me why a new copy is $29 and used is $38? Lol
Vita titles are really becoming scarce nowadays. I would go with digital but the memory cards are so expensive. =/
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They're definitely worth it, I recommend it. I've played both as well as the spin off title. Waiting for part 3.
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Anyone on here play Toukiden? Bought soon after it released but never got around to playing it. Lol
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Time to get frustrated!

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+David Septimo But it's a good thing I downloaded the games even though I don't have room, all PS+ games are in my download list so whenever I get my memory card fixed it'll still be available to download :D
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David Septimo

Dark Souls II  - 
Danggitt! Meant to pick up DS2 for the PS4 while it was $20 from PSN and I totally missed it... 
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Killing Bites coming to the Vita and PS4. Wonder if it'll play like Bloody Roar. 
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10% off ps store online purchases. Good from now till Dec 1.
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Wow, ordered both through Amazon to take advantage of the free shipping but I wasn't expecting these for another week or two. Took all of 1 day to get to me. 
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Nice, I need to play episode 2 though
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Found one! Now to find the other 2 with their respective case. 
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+Danial Smith I actually found the first one nearby. The second one is the one that I might turn to Amazon for. 
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I know it's not a vita but... (:

#FinalFantasy #CrisisCore #WayBackWednesday
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Vita is cool but I got a lot more fun games to play on my PSP. Plus I can play all the old nes, snes, genesis, etc emulators I have installed in it. (:
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Basic Information
Small and gets old quick. If you're looking for a place to ride a go kart, definitely look somewhere else. This place needs a major upgrade and remodel.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Food is always good here and the prices are competitive.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
DON'T EVER CALL HERE. Worst place ever. I called them because i locked my keys in my car and they said they would help me out but the wait would be 1 hour, although surprised by the wait time since i was 1 BLOCK AWAY, i agreed to let them take care of me. 1 hour went by, no one came and no one called. 2 hours went by so i decided to call them back, another lady answered and i when i said i called 2 hours ago, she replied with a "wow! 2 hours!?? Ok, please hold" continued to put me on hold for 20 minutes then the younger sounding woman got on the line and said "the driver is on his way, it'll be 10 minutes" i asked if i was going to get a discount for waiting so long and she replied "no!" And hung up on me. So i waited 15 minutes, no tow truck guy in sight, called them back and cancelled. I ended up calling another place nearby, they showed up within less than 15 minutes of my FIRST call, were extremely polite, and gave me a better price by about $20 difference. All the bad reviews of this place are a fact, wish i would've read them before calling. Worst experience ever as of Feb 2015
• • •
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Amazing! The food is always good. The prices may be a tiny bit on the steep side but coming during happy hour makes up for it. The happy hour deals are great and there is a big selection to choose from. Definitely recommend this place to anyone who happens to be nearby.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
11 reviews
4 stars for the idea but it falls short. Carnitas tacos were the best ones of the "Tour de Tacos" and Mole Tater Tots were pretty good. Guacamole was forgettable. Homemade tortillas are always good except for when the single tortilla taco is over soaked in juices and the tortilla disintegrates as you try and lift your taco. For the expensive prices they have, I would expect better. Wasn't bad, wasn't something to recommend either though.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Good food, good prices, cool staff. I go here every now and then and I'm never disappointed. If you don't plan to stay and eat, phoning an order in is quick and easy. (=
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Simply amazing...
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago