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Private Label Supplements & Vitamins
Private Label Supplements & Vitamins


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Your private label supplement labels need to work hard for your brand; they need to catch the eye of consumers, relay important information about the product inside and conform with Federal labeling standards.
Labeling can be overwhelming – so learning more about the process and what components matter most can help you get your labels in place, one step at a time.


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Private Label Ashwagandha supplement – Choose from this HOT selling stock formula or create your own custom formula.

Minimum orders start at just 500 bottles.

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Why private label CoQ10 Supplement?

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 for short is an energy booster for the mitochondria of your body. CoQ10 is a natural compound like a vitamin needed by all cells to create energy. The intake of CoQ10 supplements has shown tremendous strides against common neurological disorders, heart health issues and inflammatory health conditions.

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Just Arrived!!
For Private-Label under YOUR company name and brand.
Electrolytes are found within bodily fluids and are given their name because they literally have an "electric charge". They help with muscle contractions and fluid balance in the body. Help support electrolyte balance today with our new Electrolyte Support Formula, available for private-label in a 100 count bottle.
Contact your Nutra Group sales representative for more information about this exciting new product or to place your order. Your Nutra Group sales team can be reached toll-free at 844 MY NUTRA (696-8872) or at

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Now is the best time to private label our ADVANCED Hair, Skin & Nails Formula.

The summertime effects of aging as well as the destructive by-products of oxidation to the cells of the body caused by hazards such as smoking, pollution, UV rays and a poor diet work to undermine the quest to look and feel younger. While there is no miracle product that stops the aging process or one that makes us immune to the impact of our environment, we can certainly fortify our bodies with nutrients which help combat these adversaries as much as possible. Hair, Skin and Nails Complex is formulated to help support the areas of the body which are arguably the most telling features in terms of a youthful appearance as well as overall health and well-being.

Call 1 844 MY NUTRA

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Private Label Organic Vitamins-

Natural and organic vitamins and supplements are one of the fastest growing market segments in the United States, growing at triple the rate of other food sales.
Natural and organic vitamins and supplements have topped sales records continuously over the past decade. This growth is expected to continue as more and more consumers become aware of the benefits of organic foods and as natural and organic foods become more accessible.
In 2015 the organic foods market grew 11% over 2014, selling $43.3 billion dollars in food products in the United States. In 2016, sales topped $47 billion, showing a similar growth rate of around 10%. The organic and natural food category far outpaces the entire food category as a whole, which showed only a 3% growth over the same period.
Consumer demand has risen at an even faster rate. In the last two years, supply of organic food products has been unable to meet the demand, and supply shortages and infrastructure issues have plagued the industry. There is a clear need for more suppliers of quality private label organic vitamins & supplement products in America, as well as a strengthened network of organic food distribution and sales. Huge changes are being made in this arena and it is likely that this will lead to even greater exponential growth of the organic foods market.

To learn more about how to create your own private label organic supplements line, click on our private label organic vitamins page or call 1 844 MY NUTRA

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Nutra Group is one of the leading producers of Private Label Organic Vitamins & Supplements in the USA.

The organic supplement market has never been more profitable and by using our private labeling services, you can be sure that your company will have the best chance of success in this lucrative nutraceutical segment.

Whether you’re a startup company or an established brand we have the best selling stock formulas that will bring your private label organic supplements line into the marketplace as quickly as possible, and its easy to do when we have low min orders of just 24 bottles for stock formulas and 500 bottles for custom formula manufacturing. In addition to our stock formulas and low minimum order requirements we also source only the highest quality organic ingredients so that you can rest assure your customers are getting the best organic vitamins and supplements available under your company name and private label brand

Call 1 844 MY NUTRA ( 696 8872 )

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Introducing New Pre/Post Workout Formula..

Available in a great tasting fruit punch flavor. This Pre/Post workout formula is formulated to help maximum results from weight training and cardiovascular exercises. Each high powered serving contains:
Beta-Alaine: This unique amino acid which plays a role in carnosine production-an important compound for muscle endurance during intense physical training.
L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate: Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG) is an important biological compound which acts as an intermediate in the Krebs cycle. Glutamine, one of the building blocks of protein, is the most abundant free amino acid in the body and is beneficial in generating a fuel source to muscle cells. L-Glutamine AKG provides the benefits of both substances in a more advanced form ideal for improving workouts.
L- Arginine / L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate: Classified as a conditionally essential amino acid, arginine is another important building block of protein and one that has a number of key functions in the body. Arginine is vital for the production of nitric oxide, a biological signal that regulates blood flow. Combined with AKG, arginine acts as a very effective compound to help increase energy and decrease recovery time.
L-Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate: Ornithine is another building block of protein and helps increase the body build and maintain muscle tissue during intense physical training. This amino acid also helps the body deal more effectively with the loss of muscle during the aging process. Like glutamine and arginine, combining ornithine with AKG produces a more effective form for the body to metabolize.
L-Leucine: One of the branched-chain amino acids, leucine is an essential nutrient which must be obtained from food or nutritional intake. In addition to helping maintain mass, muscles metabolize leucine as a source of energy.
L-Citrulline Malate: Recognized for its potential benefits for cardiovascular health, citrulline is another of the amazing amino acids produced by the body. Intake in the form of citrulline malate can help boost energy as well as maintain overall wellbeing.
Caffeine: The world's most widely consumed stimulant, caffeine is thought to be a very effective substance for increased physical and mental performance. Each serving of Monster Pre-Workout delivers a powerful 150mg dose of caffeine in a form which can be readily absorbed by the body and provide benefits for several hours.
Plus essential vitamins and electrolytes for added benefits. Available in 300 Grams (30 servings) in our stock 19oz black container with white or black lid.
Call 1 844 MY NUTRA or click on the link below for additional details.…/private-label-pre-workout-powd…/

3D Images of your product are an essential component when trying to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. Clearly, images drive consumer confidence and the urge to purchase your product, but with the rise of what industry analysts are calling “visually-driven Ecommerce,” these are no longer just a nice addition, they are a requirement for success.

FYI- Amazon is also strict in its requirement that all private label nutrition images must accurately represent the ACTUAL private label supplement finished product for sale by itself with no props or anything else that may mislead the consumer. With this being said, text that is not a part of the product, any insert images, watermarks or logos are also against Amazon’s policy.

Call 1 844 MY NUTRA or order today! Choose from 5 different angles..

Want to sell supplements on Amazon?
We make it easy to private label vitamins & supplements under YOUR company name to sell on Amazon to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers:

Call 1 844 MY NUTRA
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