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So, talking to my girlfriend today, turns out her son want sto be in Boy Scouts. Awesome! But, they won't let him join because he's agnostic. Come to find out, you cannot be atheist or agnostic in that organization. And everyone knows the controversy on their policy against homsexuals. This REALLY burns me. When I was in Scouts (Tiger Cub to Eagle) I don't ever recall a huge focus on religion. Yes, one of the Scout Laws is to be Reverant. But I always took that in a more broad view. Maybe it's more of a focus in the Bible belt (where she lives) than it is back home in New England. Still kind of burns me, because I was once proud to be associated with that organization. Now...well, I'll hang on to MY memories and views of Scouting from back home. And maybe, someday, those crusty old bastards will lighten up. Or keel over and make way for more enlightened and broad-minded individuals. /endrant
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Yeah, it really is disappointing especially because several of Will's friends from school are in Boy Scouts and that's the main reason he wanted to go, as well as a lot of the outdoor activities. :( But he can join Camp Fire where they're more accepting of other viewpoints.

They are a private organization and thus have the right to exclude whomever they wish. Just as I have the right to have nothing to do with them (which includes giving them my money ;D). I've always been offended on their stance on homosexuality, but thought that sexuality wasn't that big of an issue for Will at his young age...thus I was willing to overlook it. The religion thing however...well, I won't ask him to lie or be ashamed of his beliefs.