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brittany z
Loving life as a believer, wife, mommy & friend.
Loving life as a believer, wife, mommy & friend.

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In Saying Yes, sharing a BIG SECRET!!!!!
Good morning friends! I have not been too active with writing in this space here of mine. I would LOVE for you to join me on instagram and over at Happy Heart Box to stay connected. For right now writing here is being less frequent but I love this sweet com...

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A Perfect Me. To Replace a Perfect You.
Jesus help me. Help me to get it right more than I get it wrong . Cultivate patience within me. Help my overwhelmed soul sinking in this sea of sticky counters, cheese covered floors and my unrealistic desire to successfully balance motherhood, wife, minist...

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Everyday. Fill Me Up.
Lord fill me up every day. Your mercies are new every day and you are faithful! Lamentations 3:22-24 Lately my friends & I have been talking about how lost we would be without God. How low we would feel in life without the constant presence of the Holy Spir...

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Tiny Toes Dancing Down the Hall
When the toys in the tub don't stick to the bathtub walls When baby dolls are no longer lining the hallway  Race cars are stacked away neatly Muddy shoes are clean  Cheerios are not riddled throughout the house My heart will ache.  My eyes will well with te...

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What If the Truth Stings?
Prior to the IF Gathering the Lord placed Philippians 2:4&5 on my heart. Reminding me to look for ways to encourage others in their callings, gifts, and talents - to pursue a greater portion of humility in life. To have my joy complete in being a cheerleade...

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Loving Well on Valentines
DIY Valentines Mini Gift Baskets. Click here to get the DIY that I shared at Texas Women Bloggers for a guest post. Learning to love well is really wonderful. One of my favorite things is receiving small little gifts in the mail from friends or a drop off o...

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Thinking of Grace
This morning I woke up early  I've been thinking about her even more lately because today was approaching. I crawled over my little Noah, whose nestled tightly between me & Johnny to get out of bed then tip toed down the hall to not wake up my princess slee...

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Faith's Greatest Moment
At times saying yes to Jesus is truly a challenge. Perhaps saying yes to his direction can cause to you second guess everything. Feel broken.  Perhaps the thoughts of making mistakes flood your mind. Of failing. Not getting it right. This is faith's greates...

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brittany z commented on a post on Blogger.
You are amazing!!!!!! Love you! 

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Happy 28 Baby!
Last Monday was Johnny's 28th birthday. Early that morning my little fireman & myself snuck out of the house before daddy and sister were awake to work on a very special birthday surprise. We went to Kroger where I let Noah pick out daddy's birthday present...
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