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Damien Casoni
French Transhumanist | Immortalist | Minimalist | Capoeirist | et many more "-ists" yet to discover !
French Transhumanist | Immortalist | Minimalist | Capoeirist | et many more "-ists" yet to discover !


:: TREAT discussion ::

THREAT and TIMER I can imagine and set up easily.
TREAT is a little bit trickier for my mind for unknown reasons, because TREAT can't be "just" loot but help to the actual "puzzle/trap/encounter".

I know that the best way is to create and run many games to improve, but for a start, I was thinking about how I could get easier TREAT ideas and thought about the DDD.

p.87 (2e ed) explains the 3D as Damage, Disruption, Duration.

I think that TREAT could be thought as antidotes to these challenges.


- for Damage: under a volley of arrows coming from the end of the room a broken thick door could serve as an improvised shield.

- for Disruption: a swarm of vampiric bats? oh look, the skeleton of a previous dead adventurer, a whistle in his jaws! Ultrasounds from the whistle can annoy or control the bats!

- for Duration: the hull of the spaceship has taken too much damage, the ship will be destroyed in D4 rounds... unless we can activate this drone sleeping in the corner? (and gain 1D4 rounds more of time!)

If you have more suggestions on how to create more interesting TREAT please do share and please tell me also what you think about what I wrote.

Juste un coucou, je viens d'acheter aujourd'hui la version papier de Tranchons & Traquons sur Lulu après avoir remarqué revenir fréquemment sur la version .pdf qui est super.
En fait je me suis récemment amouraché d'ICRPG dont j'ai la 2nde édition depuis peu mais que je trouve encore trop "D&D" à mon goût malgré ses superbes idées.
Mon projet du moment est de blender T&T et ICRPG dans une version légère et rapide qui me convient bien.
Voilà je voulais juste saluer l'Ours et lui dire merci pour T&T qui est génial. :)

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Is it normal that my brand new hardcover copy of Worlds, bought two weeks ago, is not as up to date than the .PDF file? 😔

So in order to translate my adventure/module for ICRPG I'm looking for a template including :
- the "To use with ICRPG" logo
- whatever pre-made attribution needed (CC?)
- classic ICRPG fonts characters and free-to-use graphics (Room DCs thingy, etc)

I vaguely remember having seen something like that but I can't find it again... gosh, I wish we would have better tools to share our stuff... any ideas? Slack? Discord? Something else?


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My very first ICRPG adventure is written!
"Goblins & Grabuge" (grabuge mean mayhem in French), a small dungeon to teach beginner players the tropes of TTRPG (beware of traps, don't try to kill everything, think together, prioritize, use your loot, etc) with a few unknown potions to smash and discover the effects (I love roguelike games so...)
I'll run it this Thursday and may translate it in English if you are interested.

How does ARMOR actually work?
I find the 2e core book lacking explanation...
P.49 : enemies have to roll higher than armor.
But how? Attempt or effort?
If attempts it would be Room DC + ARMOR to hit right?
If effort, it would be check against Room DC, then EFFORT minus Armor, which I'd find unecesseraly crunchy personally.
Well, can you explain more generally how the DM should play the monsters and attacks? I find it confusing... Thanks!

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I should have buy soft cover... :(
The books are impossible to open flat, I'm afraid the pages will get off with use.

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I never really like the video-gamey HP system of games like DnD where a final small pinch could slay a big tough barbarian orc when he's at 1HP left.

Thinking about it, I'll for now experiment with treating HP as Luck and Willpower points. Please allow me to explain:

Pilaf the Rogue walk on a corridor and fail to avoid walking into a classic pit trap.

In the classic DnD (or ICRPG or else), he do falls into the trap, loose X HP, but doesn't broke any limb nor suffer any bleeding damage. He loose HPs and try to climb up back having been barely scratched even if that doesn't makes much sense in a narrativist standpoint.

A more simulationist approach would be to take in account the possible broken limbs and perforation damage. I think that crunchy games like Torchbearer or Blade of the Iron Throne do that kind of things, but it's too crunchy for me, I like games that flows smoothly. And I think that ICRPG fans will generally agree with this approach (right?).

My herein approach for Pilaf failing to avoid the trap would be that he indeed loose X HP, but he just "burned" his Luck. He's been able to avoid the trap in the narration but it was a close call and his pounding heart and adrenaline reminds him that he may not have the same luck again in the future!

Now this approach pleases me because HP could also be used for Sanity, Willpower and Courage… I love the fact that ICRPG represent HPs with Hearts and it may have inspired me this way I guess.

When a character looses his Heart he may not be physically dying.

He may just have lost all hope. Lost his mind. Lost his call to adventure.

And this can happen by other conflicts than physical violence: the insidious talk of a demoralizing enemy, the ghastly vision of an eldritch horror, the pain of having lost a close friend (another PC).

Hence "dying" really means here "losing" the ability to play this character.

The character having lost his Heart can become an NPC.

He may have been back home to found a family. Or became enclosed in a asylum. Or became a cynic alcoholic. Or became a teacher for new adventurers.

The point is that having "died" he just can't be played as an hero anymore by a player.

This is also where "standby" (stopping the "dying" process when a PC assist another one at 0 HP) become important and dramatic. It can be a pep talk from a PC to another not to give up! Or to take courage again after a terrifying paranormal event. To help him or her to keep up the good fight!

English isn't my first language, I hope I did the best to share this perspective with you all and hope you'll bring new insights and reflections on how you'll feel about it.


PS: in the same fashion, an enemy at 0 HP just can beg for mercy instead of having been slain. An obstacle at 0 HP isn't necessarely physically destroyed but just overcome, or maybe "tamed" and acquired.

Hi there! I'm waiting for the second edition to buy, I've been positively impressed by the free demo pdf of ICRPG 1 already and things I've read/watched about.
I especially love the Timer thing, but my question is: for lazy/temporarely uninspired GM, is there a table of random inspirations for what could happen when the Timer goes off?
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