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Elizaveta “Lisa” Zheleznyak
Study 1st Illustration course, Westminster Harrow
Study 1st Illustration course, Westminster Harrow


Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 6 - A sport for you & A Life for her

This pice is inspired by the idea of hunting being a type of sport. 
With this piece I want to represent the message that would say loud that playing with lives isn't a sport. And every life means a lot so we can't afford killing animals without any valuable reasons such as surviving likewise ages ago when hunting was a way to get some food. 

This piece is meow with two- one figures, with written text.
In red as red represents violence, brutality and blood.
"A sport to you - A life to her"
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 5 - I did this

This piece is again connected to the idea of the man's sins. 
Many hunters and broconiers regardless to the fact that they kill thousands of innocent creatures with no real reason (such as self defence or hunger) have a normal everyday life outside hunting. They socialise with other people and care about their family, their children. 

But is there such a thing as being a nice person when you can kill without even thinking? I believe that if hunters and those people who've killed animals often don't shame same point of view as their children. In fact, their children can be against hunting. Especially children of young age who aren't yet used to seeing pain and blood can see how animals suffer and how cruel people can be. 

I wish that even those man who have their hand in blood would feel shame for what they have done in the eyes of their very own and innocent children. I wish they would realise that they would never want their child to become a killer alike them.

This piece is a 3D painted animal model, with a written text
"Would you give this to your child and say "I made this"?
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 4 - The human 

This piece is a series of provoking posters related to the meaning of word "human". 
This work is meant to make the viewer think about their actions and the way we should act towards nature as one of the strongest species with a lot of power. These posters are also a call for a humanity inside each one of us. 

One the first poster: animal - hurt animal
And a phrase "A man who did this can't be called "man"

On the second poster: hurt animal - saved animal 
And a phrase: "A man who did this deserves to be called "human"

posters are usually made to communicated important messages, that is why I've chose this type of work format for this piece. 
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 3 - Hope

Leatherback turtles are in the centre of attention here. 

These turtles are named for their shell, which is leather-like rather than hard, like other turtles. Although their distribution is wide, numbers of leatherback turtles have seriously declined during the last century as a result of intense egg collection!
The eggs of Leatherback turtles get stolen so the population can't be naturally recovered. 

This is another act of a man destroying nature by shamelessly taking everything he can from it. This represents a greediness of humans. 

By taking away and selling title's eggs we ruin the balance of the ocean as turtles are an important part of ocean's food chain. 

This piece is called Hope because eggs are a symbol of life and future, in this case - also a hope for the turtles to survive as a pieces and for our planet's environment to remain balanced.
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 2 - Not a Game

A concept of this piece was inspired by the small installations made inside little iron boxes I saw while doing my research. 
Hunting whales is one of the games in many countries including Japan. 

In the 2012-2013 Antarctic season Japan killed a reported 103 minke whales.
In 2011/2012 Japan killed some 445 whales in total.
This figure includes 297 minke whales, 50 Bryde's whales, 2 fin whales, 95 sei whales and one sperm whale.
In 2010/2011 Japan also killed some 445 whales.

These figures aren't only scary but horrifying. In Japan whale hunting is seen as a tradition or game. People bring their children to watch innocent whales being dragged from the ocean and get killed with knifes by cutting their hands of. Those whales are usually migrating when this happens. This act shows no sense of humanity at all. and what shocked me personally is the fact that small children get to watch those scenes of violence...I believe that that is something that should be stopped. And these kinds of brutality should not be demonstrated to children as they can be easy influenced - so in their mind liking and murder will be seen as a "normal" thing. 

I decided to use a small iron box as a base, then I would color and change it from the inside. I would put a see animal toy, purposely scarred in the middle of the box. And small whale hunting weapons such as harpoons around it. So It would look like a small game set. On the top I would write something provoking like: "Don't let your children play these games". This is meant to make the viewer think about the future of this world and things that kids shouldn't see as "normal or acceptable".
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Piece 1 - A Jar of Lives 

This Idea came to me while I was listening to famous song called "A Jar of Hearts" written by Christina Perry. The words of the song somehow made me think about my brief and as I've looked at the lyrics, I thought about "A Jar of Lives" as a list of hunter's trophies, a list of animals they killed. 

First I played around with lyrics and it turned out to have a deep meaning related to hunting:
"And who do you think you are?
Running around leaving scars,
Collecting your jar of lives,
And tearing world apart..."

After listening to this song I came up with the idea of jar, filled with animal body parts. I first thought to put a real meat inside as an option. At the same time putting cut parts of toy animals would have a sort of different visual language, a different symbolism. i though that using animal toys would give a sense of game and this was important for my symbolism as in fact, hunting is seen by many - as a game, fun and entertainment activity. 

In the end I though to put the changed lyrics of the song on the jar itself. As this is a famous song and lyrics can be easily recognised, together with the image all together this small installation should communicate with the viewer on the level of uncontiosless. At the same time I wanted the viewer to think about what hunting really is - not a fun game but a cruel game of life and death. 
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Post 5: Sketches and Ideas 

I've decided to create a series of 3D works and little installations related to the cruel animal hunting. I wanted to use phrases and symbolism as visual tools in my work. 

Here is the first sketch, mind map I made with all the ideas written down ruffly. 
With this brief i felt very emotionally involved as I care a lot about the animals and can't stand the idea of people being heartless towards innocent creatures. 

By the end of the project I wanted to have 4-6 small scale final pieces which would visually communicate the messages about human cruelty and provoke the audience to react on them emotionally. 

1 Piece: Jar of Lives
2 Piece: This is not a game
3 Piece: Hope
4 Piece: A human
5 Piece:  I did this
6: A sport for you - A life for her
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Post 5: Inspirations

I wanted to create a small scale installation as a final piece for this project. This is because i worked with shop window dressing on my previous project with John Lewis and autumn design, I wanted to explore more about 3D installations, building props, using space and etc. 

Here are some inspirations I found while doing a research on the chosen brief.
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Post 5: Crual animal sport - bull fights!

Bull fights are one of the most cruel entertainments humans ever created. 
It is estimated that there at least 40,000 bulls are killed by the bullfighting industry every year in Europe, and about 250,000 in the whole world!
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Project 2 Self Initiated. Creative conscience competition. 
Post 4: Cruel Hunting

There are only about 20,000 lions left in Africa.

About 50 years ago there were 700,000 leopards, and today there are closer to 50,000. 

There are only about 6,000 wild orangutans left, and about 1,000 are being killed each year.

One rhino is shot in Africa every 9.5 hours, Joubert said.

There are a total of about 300,000 African elephants left, and as many as 40,000 are killed each year.

About 100 million sharks are killed each year to be made into shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy.

Japan has killed 333 minke whales—including more than 200 pregnant females.

The last of Indonesia’s tigers—as few as 400 today—are holding on for survival in the remaining patches of forests on the island of Sumatra. 

And etc...

The figures of wild animal hunting grow each year, a lot of people ignore laws and keep hunting even the pieces which are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth forever. 
A lot of animals are getting killed in incredibly cruel ways and die slowly in pain.
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