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Mauro and I are rocking out some fantastic wireframes today... yes... Sunday! 

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If you are using the Google weather API on any of your projects you may want to revisit them. Seems that Google shut down the API without letting anyone know.

Dev Only CakePHP Debugging

Something interesting that Mauro recently did on a CakePHP development box was to limit who could see the debug statements by IP. Simple tweak to the core.php file but super useful when you have a client that is also looking at the project and keeps asking what the 'yellow boxes' are. 

Just drop this into your core.php file and replace the x's with your IP address.

Configure::write('debug', 0);
if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == ''){
    Configure::write('debug', 1);

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+Nick Mihailovski  wrapped up our session at I/O ...and shared the good news that yes, the rumors are true, we are releasing a Google Analytics app for Android!

(Check out a preview from our Analytics Advocate +Justin Cutroni:

We'll have a post on the Google Analytics blog along with a download link for you to grab the app later today.

Update -- and here's a link to the app!

There is a really obnoxious thing about having a Gmail account and a Google Apps account. They are two completely separated accounts that make it tough to keep things straight. I disabled my work account on G+ and it removed our old LBM page (which really didn't have much on it).

If you're a Google Plus'er and want to get an update every so often on the stuff we're doing at Good 'ol LBM then add us to your circles. We also post about great web news we run across - some technical, some not. 

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