GenCon Day 1

Didn't take a ton of photos today.  I explored the #gencon  exhibition   hall and then got waylaid in the Mayfair Games gaming tables.  I felt compelled to get all the Mayfair gaming ribbons (sheep, brick, wheat, stone, wood).   I got three of the five Day 1.  Played Urbania, Alchemist, and Star Trek Catan.  Of those there, only Urbania was worth buying.

One very odd trend.  Lines to get into the booths of some gaming companies, like Fantasy Flight.  And those lines were long and slow.  Seriously, a line just to see stuff to buy?  Sort of ridiculous.

Wearing my glasses in the hall was entertaining.  Lots of people noticed and want to try them on.  I saw one other +Google Glass  explorer. 

GenCon 2013 Day 1
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