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"I always wish that we would have this same building in a different location."
"I cannot stress strongly enough how terrible this apartment complex is."
"...are hideously poor, at least in the one-bedroom apartment I was in..."
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Denka S's profile photo
Denka S
in the last week
I have to write this review because I am at a loss of words right now and just cant believe the things that have happened. We moved in under the impression that this was a beautiful, clean community to live in with some nice amenities. For the most part it is, HOWEVER we only have one functioning cable outlet in our entire apartment. Meaning we have the choice of having internet or cable. We have a television and a cable box that is rendered useless because only one cable outlet works, and that one is used for internet. Next, our drier doesn't work. We already had maintenance come up here and 'fix' it once. It worked for about 1-2 weeks and since then has not been functioning. It does not dry. I have to air dry my clothes on the balcony. If I try to dry them (as i did a few times) my clothing smells like mold because it sits in the drier for a minimum of 4 hours being tumbled but not dried. I didn't realize this at the time but doing that doubled my electricity bill (hence why i changed to air drying it on the balcony). I asked to have the drier replaced (it's got to be from the 70s or 80s) and they let me know that it's unlikely that will happen but maintenance will come check it out tomorrow. Mind you, I pay extra to live in an apartment that has a washer and a drier inside the unit. There is one cabinet in our bathroom that barely opens because the toilet is positioned too close to it. It only open up a few inches, so you only have room to slide your arm in. Today while doing some extensive cleaning, and pulling off acrobatic moves to even get inside this cabinet, I found UNDERWEAR, WAXING STRIPS, and other TOILETRIES that clearly did not belong to me. when i notified the front office, the gentleman on the phone laughed and said he would pass on the memo for them to do better cleanings. I did not find any humor in finding someones old disgusting underwear in my cabinet but okay. Prior to me nobody has lived in this apartment for 3 years and it is highly outdated. The living room does not have a light or a ceiling fan or anything. Our dishwasher was broken upon our move in and we had to have that fixed too. Our oven light does not work either.. Our carpet is patchy and puzzle pieced together, the floor has a gash in it in the kitchen.. Sink cabinet is also broken. There's a lot of details (that truly are not even 'details') that are heavily overlooked. We also moved in and the living room was painted with the old accent wall color. They never bothered to even paint over it to sanitize and truly clean this place before we moved here. I am just disappointed at the lack of up-to-dateness of this place. We werent too bothered by these things the first few weeks of moving in, but the more you have to use things on a daily basis that dont work the harder it gets.
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D Smi
9 months ago
I lived there for several years, but am really dissatisfied with the way I have been treated, the manager could care less about any problem that you have she won't make the time to call you instead she hides behind her front office staff that can't do a thing to address the issue. I do not recommend moving here. The apartment complex looks nice from the outside but is falling apart inside all they do it cover it up so they can charge you in the end for things that as a renter should not have to pay for. Also make sure you document when you make a maintenance report because they don't.
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isaac s's profile photo
isaac s
a year ago
I've been living here for a few years now and love it. There's the usual apartment silliness to deal with but it's honestly few and far between. It's quiet, the amenities are awesome (indoor racquetball court, pool, pool table, basketball/tennis court, 24 hour laundry, gates etc) and the staff are awesome people. I was in a 2nd floor, one bedroom for the first bit of my time here, but have recently moved into a 1st floor unit. Apart from the occasional parties at the clubhouse or upstairs it's really quiet. The late night security guard doesn't hurt either if it needs to get handled. I'm going to be here for a while yet (school's not quite done) and I'm going to be happy for the rest of my time here.
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Blaine Muir
2 years ago
It was my first place after going to college. It looked good at first but I soon realized that it was not student friendly. there are loud parties constantly that normally do not end well. And the the crime in the area is bad. Its not good when homeless people follow you to your apartment asking for money and to borrow a cell phone. security is a joke obviously. the worst is when you try to move out. I paid to have my carpet cleaned like they advised on the contract. yet when I moved out they said I owed them more money because my spotless carpet was not cleaned to their standards and accused me of stealing their oven racks, light bulbs, and air filters. why the hell would I want any of that crap. In my opinion the business poorly ran.
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saehwa yim's profile photo
saehwa yim
10 months ago
+1 Star for: Office staffs = Awesome! Facility (gym, pool, etc.) = Awesome! Building/room quality = Awesome! Shuttle = Awesome! Distance to UA = close _______________________________________ They fixed the morning drop off schedule so that it worked for both parties. I'm very-extremely happy about this update. Thank you. Awesome staffs, and complex at a great price. Close to UA too. Just pay for your rent on time, be respectful and you'll love it~ If you forget rent once, there's a $75 late charge... but they ALWAYS give you a 2 weeks heads up notice from monthly fliers. Plan ahead!
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Andres Alejandro Morera
a year ago
What makes me give this place such a low rating are the "small" things that are done to squeeze every dime possible out of the resident which are legal but absolutely unethical. For example, the late fee for truant monthly payments is $70 for the first day. That is outrageously high. Every single other apartment complex I've ever lived in (and I've lived in many) charge no more than $35, and even then, they will sometimes look the other way, especially for people who have lived there for a long time (as was my case). On top of that, and they don't tell you unless you read really hard in the fine print of the contract, they also take away the student/preferred employer discount during late fees, adding another hunk of change, making the late fee in reality $100 or more. There is absolutely no reason for the apartment to charge such things; one day late does NOT cause them $70+ of inconvenience and it is hardly any more of a deterrent at that point. In fact, with this kind of policy, how is it in the interest of the staff to have their customers pay on time? For those living paycheck to paycheck, this is just preying on the weak, whether they intend to or not. Also, they claim that they cannot accept checks after the first three days of the month for paying rent, which makes no damned sense. The online payment system charges a $12 "convenience fee" for every transaction, which is absolutely ludicrous. When I talked with the manager about this stuff (and not in an aggressive manner), she used the defense of "well, it is fair" and proceeded to talk down to me as if I were a child. Sure it is fair. But just because something is fair doesn't make it ethical. This is less important, but they close the main community lounge house area thing, to those with key cards mind you, at 4:30PM, which also houses the only place to put money on the laundry card they give you, so good luck getting homework done in peace or laundry done unless it is the weekend or you cram a butt-load of money on your card ahead of time. Not to mention, those laundry cards are scams anyway (though they claim it is for security...). The dryers are also really, really terrible. You are better off hanging your clothes to dry. A $10 rack from Target will quickly pay itself off. Also, the construction of the doors, sliding closet doors, cabinetry, etc. are hideously poor, at least in the one-bedroom apartment I was in. The plumbing frequently sputters, even without any announced maintenance going on. Also, one month, they replaced the toilets and faucets with more "efficient" models, meaning the faucets hardly give any pressure anymore, making washing dishes a pain. Oh, and the dishwashers are ancient and crap. The plumbing fixtures are cheap, as are the electrical fixtures which most cannot hold onto a plug to save its life. The toilets are ok though. The carpets are extraordinarily bad, even for a place this cheap; routine vacuuming tears it up. The apartment is not necessarily unsafe, at least as of 2014. Though, it is not in the safest of areas; be aware that bikes are always stolen regardless of the efforts of the security staff there (who are nice and competent... but it really isn't at all hard to steal a quick-release wheel or even a poorly secured bike if you think about it). Basically, there are (admittedly, a very few) better choices out there than this place for the price. It is worth paying $20 extra a month to go to a place that treats their residents like the loyal customers (and people with lives) they are as opposed to another money-making opportunity. I can't believe I agreed to renew my lease... at least this makes me feel a bit better.
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Ben Clow's profile photo
Ben Clow
2 years ago
I have been living in Sandstone with my girlfriend for the past year and we have loved it. The apartment itself was well kept and maintenance were courteous and prompt with the very minor issues we called them for. The grounds are well kept, and the facilities are fantastic. It is true that the complex is gated and that this does not tend to stop people (presumably homeless) looking for bottles and cans, however we have had no issues with crime, or heard of any for that matter. In addition, do not let the wider area put you off, Sandstone is a like a little oasis. From the other reviews I can only assume that Sandstone has undergone somewhat of a renovation in operations during the past few years, so keep it up! We are sad to be leaving but would highly recommend it to anyone! Thank you
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A Google User
3 years ago
Terrible Apartment complex! do not let the gate fool you or the nice look. I had my car stolen out of this "gated" community and no one noticed a thing also the management was very bad to say the least. They definitely try to charge you an arm and a leg when you move out. I had my apartment cleaned and looked perfect and they tried to charge me like $200 for various fees. Lets just say i did not pay that. They also are always maintaining the place and you can hear the leaf blower at all hours of the day so hopefully you like to get up early.
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