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Welcome to @ Real Estate Yeppoon, our doors are open
Welcome to @ Real Estate Yeppoon, our doors are open

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Livingstone mayor glad to see Tower moving on GKI
LIVINGSTONE Shire mayor Bill Ludwig was pleased hear of Tower Holdings' announcing their intention to sell the hotel and marina components of their Great Keppel Island development.

Cr Ludwig has become progressively impatient over the 10 years since the Sydney-based property developers unceremoniously closed the GKI main resort

Last October, he called out Tower saying they had been given every support and encouragement from council and the community and now was the time for them to either get on with the job of redeveloping their site or to hand back their lease and let somebody else do it.

With Tower finally showing their cards on Thursday, the mayor was happy on behalf of the community to see movement on the development but determined to see action sooner rather than later.

"This is going to be more of a positive than anything else, people are going to be very relieved to know what's happening, it's just a pity it's taken this long to get to this point," Cr Ludwig said.

He said this is a matter the State Government must ultimately determine.

"We would be delighted if the State Government was pragmatic in facilitating an outcome that allowed the project to get underway as quickly as possible," Cr Ludwig said.

"Obviously we would also want Tower, in the interim, to get on with the demolition which will pave the way for any possible sale that they might be considering.

Read the full article here
Source - The Morning Bulletin
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Property Buyers Expectations Are Changing
On reflection of the last six months (August 2017 to February 2018) the sales super stars of @ Real Estate have achieved amazing results with 54% of all house sales at full list price or higher and on average sold in 29 days. These amazing results demonstrate changes in consumer behaviour, as well as a changing market here on the beautiful Capricorn Coast. As buyers change the way they search for their new home, their expectations are rising too. Our statistics show that 91% of all buyer enquiry is generated online and 96% of all home buyers that brought a home found that home online. When we look back at the properties that have sold for full list price or higher, they all have a few things in common, making it easy to see why they are appealing to modern buyers.

Remember local buyers now days are used to seeing perfectly presented stylish homes online and on reality TV shows, fulling their expectations of what there own homes could look like.

Firstly these homes have been presented absolutely perfectly. Meaning;

Extremely well maintained, and in excellent condition.
Tastefully decorated, with décor to suite the home.
Perfectly clean inside and out, not a speck of dust or weed to be seen.
With the vast amount of information available to buyers online now days, buyers are highly educated about what to expect in their price point as such these sellers are keen to listen to their sales professional and follow their advice;

Price the property correctly
Actively market the property
These vendors are all extremely happy and moving on to the next chapter of their life’s.

The @ Real Estate Sales Team would love to chat with you about how to sell your home for full list price too.

Natalie Gesler - @ Real Estate
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New to the Capricorn Coast?
7 Most Common Questions New Residence Ask, Answered
Moving or buying in a new area can not only be exciting, but can sometimes be scary. Below we answer 7 of the most common questions asked by new residence;

1. Is it safe to swim at the beach?
The short answer is most locals will swim all year round. Like all beaches it is recommended that you swim between the flags.
2. Are there sand flies / midges / mosquitos?
Once again the short answer is they don’t really bother locals. Sure as with any coastal area, there might be a few after rain, but generally nothing a fly screen or some spray wont fix. Generally the coastal breeze keeps them at bay.
3. Are there water restrictions?
No. Welcome to the tropics. Yeppoon and Emu Park get beautiful water from Water Park Creek, and as a back up there is a pipeline from the Fitzroy River which has the second largest catchment area in the country.
4. Is there NBN access?
Most built up areas on the Capricorn Coast now have NBN
5. Is it an issue living in an area that may get a Cyclone?
It helps to remember, its rear for a cyclone to hit the Capricorn Coast and we generally have plenty of notice to get prepared. It helps that newer homes are built to be cyclone rated and after Cyclone Marica most older homes that required improvements have been updated. The most common complaint from locals is living without power for a couple of days after the cyclone. Being prepared and living a close community defiantly help.
6. Does the Capricorn coast flood? While the Fitzroy is known to flood, residential areas on the Capricorn Coast is mostly unaffected.
7. What are the good and bad areas?
Generally speaking the whole Capricorn Coast has a good community feel and has low crime etc. However like all towns some areas will have some more expensive homes and some more affordable options.
8. Is there much traffic? There are a couple of peek traffic times to be aware of, 8:15am to 8:25am on school days some main though a fairs to larger schools will be a little busier and you may need to wait for a couple of minutes. If its perfect fishing weather, you might have to walk 40m in stead of 10m from your car / boat to the bait and tackle shop or wait inline at the bottle shop for a couple of minutes. In the event surf’s up on a public holiday, you might need to wait for a couple of vehicles and front to get down the Farnborough beach access, but traffic flows once you are on the beach. Seriously the traffic flows well, and everyone is very relaxed. In short if you are running late to work, don’t tell your boss you were stuck in traffic, they won’t believe you.

Hope this answers some of your questions about moving to the beautiful Capricorn Coast. Please let us know what other questions you have, or if there is anything else we can do to help you settle in?
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We urgently need more houses to sell.

Click below and your local @ Real Estate Sales Super Start will contact you to discuss how to make your home Stand Out From The Crowd.
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Call the @ Real Estate sales team on 07 4819 9676
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Switch in 5

Troy, is one of the owners and the Property Manager at @ Real Estate. He has developed the Switch In 5 system, which is a simple process put in place for Land Lords looking to switch agencies to a new Property Manager and it only take 5 minutes.

There is a range of reasons why you may be looking to change agencies to a new property manager such as;
• Lack of Communication
• High fee’s
• Lack of Maintenance and control
If you are frustrated or unhappy with the service you are currently receiving, why stay? Switching may be easier than you think. If you have 5 minutes, you have time to change Property Managers.

There are only 3 simple steps.

Step 1 Give Troy a call on 0412 819 963 or email me on and he will walk you through the very easy process.
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Smart City technology to advance Yeppoon Town Centre
Yeppoon’s Town Centre is set to become more energy efficient, safe and technologically advanced thanks to a $200,000 Smart Cities and Suburbs grant from the Australian Government.

Mayor Bill Ludwig said the Yeppoon Town Centre Smart Precinct project aims to provide smart LED street lighting, further access to free WiFi, data capture and analytics, local vendor advertising, smart waste sensors, interactive digital placemaking features, a smart kiosk and other smart technologies that will complement the newly constructed Local Disaster Coordination Centre and Community Resilience Hub in Beaman Park in the heart of Yeppoon.

“This project will encourage the Capricorn Coast region’s business and community to embrace Smart- Cities technology in order to advance the local economy, attract investment, increase jobs, build prosperity and improve community lifestyle,” Mayor Ludwig said.

“I must thank the Australian Government for this funding opportunity and our local member Michelle Landry for supporting this innovative project.”

Deputy Mayor and Digital Economy and Innovation Champion Nigel Hutton said the project would involve key digital enhancements such as a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), an open data management platform, public WiFi, and Smart street LED Lighting.

“These preliminary design and installation requirements will begin to take shape in the second half of 2018, and are due for completion in the first half of 2019,” Cr Hutton.

Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the grant would boost the Capricorn Coast’s presence on the tourism map even further, bringing the region up to a standard of other urban centres across Australia.

“The Smart Cities and Suburbs Program provides an opportunity for cities, suburbs and towns become more liveable, productive and sustainable, while allowing urban service delivery to become more efficient and effective, and I look forward to seeing this project take shape on the Capricorn Coast,” Ms Landry said.

Source - Livingstone Shire Council
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See what your Central Qld home is worth: State comparison

ROCKHAMPTON is still the best place in the state to get bang for your buck according to a just released property report.

The Real Estate Institute Queensland's Market Monitor for the September quarter of this year provides a revealing commentary on real estate trends across the state and how our local region is tracking.

According to the report, Rockhampton's housing market has faced unprecedented downward pressure on prices positioning the region as the most affordable house market of the areas analysed by the QMM.

Rockhampton's affordability can be linked to the most active price range for house sales which was in the below $350,000 price range.

Source - The Morning Bulletin
Read the full article here
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Booming coking coal prices leads the way to jobs for CQ
CENTRAL Queensland is in the midst of a metallurgical coal rush and the new Queensland Government is set to cash in.

Also known as coking coal, the commodity, which was an essential ingredient for steel production, has surged 33 per cent in price since the start of November to a seven month high of $US236 per tonne.

News Corp analyst John McCarthy said Queensland's new Treasurer Jackie Trad was poised to reap a potential $1.8b budget windfall, largely because of the increasing demand and restrictions on supply of coking coal, with the extra money set to pay down debt and help fund the government's infrastructure priorities.

Yancoal Australia general manager investor relations and corporate affairs, James Rickards, said the increased demand from China, plus recent interruptions to Central Queensland production as a result of detrimental weather impacts, has directly affected and positively improved market prices and demand for coking coal.

"Yancoal's Yarrabee mine in the Bowen Basin of Central Queensland produces approximately 3.6 million tonnes of PCI coal (metallurgical coal), exported to steel makers in the Asian region via the port of Gladstone," Mr Rickards said.

Source - The Morning Bulletin
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Parliament passes new depreciation legislation
The Treasury Laws Amendment (Housing Tax Integrity) Bill 2017 passed through Parliament November 15 which means owners of second-hand residential properties will be ineligible to claim depreciation on certain assets.

Thousands of property investors will be impacted, with an average loss of around $4236 per year in depreciation related deductions over the first five years of ownership.

However, there is no change to capital works rules. These deductions typically make up between 85 to 90 per cent of an investors’ total claimable amount.

These changes were announced in the May 2017 Federal Budget.

The amendment to depreciation rules as detailed in the bill, mean that property investors can no longer claim depreciation for plant and equipment assets, such as air conditioning units, solar panels or carpet, in second-hand residential properties (where contracts were exchanged after 7:30pm on the 9th of May 2017).

BMT Tax Depreciation Chief Executive Officer, Bradley Beer, said: “According to our analysis over the first five years of ownership the new law will result in an average loss of around $4,236 in depreciation deductions each year for those impacted.”

Depreciation deductions are split into two components, plant and equipment and capital works allowance.

“The new rules do not affect capital works deductions for the structural component of a property or any fixed items that can be claimed such as doors, basins or retaining walls. These deductions typically make up between 85 to 90 per cent of a total claimable amount,” said Mr Beer.

“On average, the owner of a three-year-old house purchased for $600,000 (after 7:30pm on the 9th of May 2017) could expect to claim around $6,126 in capital works deductions in the first full financial year alone.”

The new rules apply to only a portion of the market, specifically, those investors who purchase a second-hand residential property after 7:30pm on the 9th of May 2017.

Previously existing legislation will be grandfathered, which means investors who already made a purchase prior to this date can continue to claim depreciation deductions as per before.

Investors who purchase brand new residential properties and commercial owners or tenants, who use their property for the purposes of carrying on a business, are also unaffected.

Source - REIQ
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