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The man identified was Greg Spillman. I went to high school with him and we were also in the Boy Scouts together. He obviously grew up quite a bit since I knew him, having been in the Navy and being married. It's sad to see his life came to an end at such the young age of 19.
The Medical Examiner's Office has identified a man who died after jumping off a cliff at Spitting Caves Saturday.<br />
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:( I'm sorry. That is sad.
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James Garman

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I want a Chevrotain now. It will sit on the couch beside me, we'll watch TV together.
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We have a few Chevrotains in the rainforest section of the Cleveland zoo. they're an odd but adorable thing to look at.
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James Garman

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Google just announced that as of today, Gmail is more secure than ever before. And the company isn't hiding the fact that it's actively trying to stop the government from spying on your email...
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James Garman

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Ah, Vulcan blood everywhere.
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Do you feel logical?
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James Garman

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Extremely rare. May never happen again. At least not until we can track and predict paths of meteors down to the inch in advance. It'll be the next extreme sport.
For the first time ever, a meteor has been captured on camera falling through the sky after it has finished burning. And that's not all: the baseball-sized
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i just shit myself laughing
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James Garman

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Happy Monday!
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James Garman

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My hand stained and weathered prints from the skilled Zarono arrived today. Going to go buy frames...
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James Garman

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I wonder if misspelling time makes it taste better?
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I strive constantly to increase my knowledge and competence. Always looking to add to my base of information and awareness. Problems are meant to be solved, understanding the system and processes behind the issue is key to success.
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Baby Frodo

He'll bring the One Ring to Mordor, assuming he doesn't try to eat it along the way.

Absolutely one of the best restaurants in State College. I've been here many times, always leaving satisfied with my meal. A majority of the food is sourced from local farms. The staff is friendly and the decor entertaining to look at. The restaurant fills up fast though, and gets a bit loud in the main dining room. Be sure to have dessert, you won't regret it.
Atmosphere: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
I didn't plan on finding this place, but happened upon it while walking down the street. When I went inside I was warmly greeted by the staff and asked if I had ever been to their establishment before. When I said it was my first time, the owner gladly gave me a quick run down of what they do and what they're all about. I was thrill to see all the delicious flavors (I bought two boxes). The prices and amounts were clearly marked, along with delightful and modern decor. The staff were friendly, informative, and welcoming to new customers. If I'm ever in the area again I will be sure to stop by.
• • •
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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