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Taiping Hotel List
list of hotels rate and information in taiping
list of hotels rate and information in taiping


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The compact town center is easily explored on foot. For trips further afield (e.g. to Maxwell Hill, the long-distance bus station at Kamunting, the Matang Mangrove Reserve), taxis are available for hire. Stage buses fan out in all directions serving the suburbs and the rural hinterland.

Accommodation is available in a number of hotels, including:

1. Hotel Meridian
2. Panorama Hotel
3. Hotel Seri Malaysia
4. Legend Hotel

The prices range between RM70 and RM150.

Cheaper alternatives are available in traditional Chinese-run hotels in the town centre.
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Taiping Bandar Warisan
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In terms of accommodation, Taiping do not have as many to choose from compared to other tourist towns in Malaysia. Hotel Seri Malaysia is located around the Lake Gardens while Hotel Meridian has rooms from RM68 per night. Panorama Hotel and the New Champagne Hotels are also available while Taiping Inn would be a cheaper alternative.

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