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ESdat Environmental Data Management Software
Your data Organized Analyzed Reported Faster
Your data Organized Analyzed Reported Faster


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ESdat Online Environmental Standards Search: A free tool to search by Environmental Standard, Chemical Name and CAS Number

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ESdat Online Chemistry Search: A free tool to search by Chemical Name and CAS Number

A great resource for quickly and easily searching Chemical Names and their CAS numbers is now available at ESdat Online.

The free tool is used to access thousands of CAS numbers and Chemical Names in a searchable format.

Chemicals can be searched either by the chemical name, e.g. Lead, or by their CAS number e.g. 1335-32-6. Where no CAS number exists for a chemical an ESDat ChemCode is available. The searchable database includes over 5500 chemical names and CAS numbers.

For each chemical name and CAS code, links to further resources are available. These include:

NIST. National Institute of Standards and Technology Standard Reference Database
Scorecard data for information on pollutant problems and toxic chemicals
USEPA IRIS. The United States Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
IPCS INCHEM. International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

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pLog and ESlog / gINT

The capture of soil logging data, and subsequent reporting, can be a time-consuming component of your project.

Companies such as GHD, Cardno, LBW, Senversa, Robson and Jacobs are using pLog to collect borehole information in the field and produce logs in either gINT or ESlog.

When you’re out in the field pLog captures your bore location, soil description and well construction information and can be customised to meet your requirements. When you're in internet coverage plog "syncs" your data which is then immediately viewable back in the office in either ESlog or gINT.

pLog and ESlog are now supported as a part of ESdat Online.

To find out more about pLog, please contact EScIS at

To find out more about ESlog see

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Say Hello to Nick.

EScIS is excited to announce that Nick Tumney joined the team as Implementation Manager in May 2016.

Nick is based in Melbourne and has over 10 years' experience as an Environmental Scientist, Project Manager and Data Manager in the contaminated land consulting industry.

Previously with URS, Nick led the Data Management Practice Network in Australia and was instrumental in the assessment, adoption and implementation of ESdat across Australia and New Zealand to allow the best possible data management solutions to service URS' clients.

In his spare time, Nick likes to hit the bushwalking trails and enjoys playing bass in local Melbourne cover band "Walker Street".

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ESdat Implementation at Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources. We are pleased to announce a new client - the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources (DPIR).
The DPIR Mines Directorate regulate all mining activities associated with mineral development in Northern Territory (NT) Australia, under the NT Mining Management Act.

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It's been a busy year at EScIS, with great new software being developed, and projects being completed. Some of the key highlights are below:

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Streamlining Landfill Environmental Monitoring

The Eurofins Field Services Groundwater team conducts compliance monitoring on behalf of various Victorian Landfill operators.

New analytical results from the Eurofins lab and secondary labs were combined into spreadsheets containing ongoing and historical data on behalf of the landfill operators. This was a time consuming, labour intensive process. Uncontrolled, 'hand-me-down' spreadsheets can also introduce or hide critical errors.

Eurofins has adopted ESdat Online and the ESdat Lab Portal to replace the historic spreadsheets in order to increase efficiency and accuracy, and provide the landfill operators with direct access to their consolidated historical results through a web interface.

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Find all the latest environmental standards and guidelines in one handy place. Visit our free resource. Including: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, UK, and Malaysia.

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Bore log presentations?

If you've been producing bore logs in traditional ways through desktop database applications, such as gINT and WinLog, or  Excel! we would recommend you try the latest version of ESlog our bore log presentation software. 
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