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Computer repair, laptop repair, pc repair
Computer repair, laptop repair, pc repair


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The Nastiest Computer Infection Ever

Some call it generally as Random Ware But Its Real Name Is CryptoWall.

What Is it?
It's called Random ware because It's Trojan Hoyrse Program that doesn't have specify file name list but the program randomly generate names for its files and that's why the anti virus programs don't detect it as easily. The trick about Crypto wall is that doesn't affect the functionality of the computer at all, it will only affect files in the user directory with specific extensions, Like JPEG, MP4, PDF, MOV, MP3, XlSX, DOCX among others.

What does it do?
As the Malware gets into the computer thru an infected website or email, Start converting all the personal files (documents, pictutes, etc...) to a Random encrypted file and then destroying the original files. Once it's done all the process, a pop up will appear on the screen asking for a ransom fee to decrypt the data.

these are trojans like Crypto Wall:

It's very interesting that Crypto wall will destroy itself if the program detects that you are in Russia or Belarus.

How to protect your data from Cripto Wall?
Have a cloud backup system or a external backup. Keep Your Antivirus Program Up to day.

If you see sign of computer infection in your computer, don't delay. Stop by our computer repair shop any time for free diagnostic.

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Some Of The Computer Issue We Take Care Of In Canoga Park:

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*The Computer Is Overheating And Making A Lot Of Sound

*The Battery Of The Computer Doesn't Charged

*The Power Adapter Is Not Making Good Connectivity And The Laptop Is Not Getting Any Power

*The Screen Hinges Are Too loose

*There Are Missing Keys In The Keyboard

*The Computer Is Freezing

*You Forgot The Password Of Your Computer

*The Touch Pad Lost Sensibility

*The Screen Of Your Laptop Is Cracked Or It Has Lines Or Dark Video

*The Dvd Drive Is Not Being Detected Anymore

*There Is Smoke Coming Out Of The Computer Each Time Your Plug It To The Wall

These Are Just A Few Of The Computer Problems We Can Handle, We Have Most Computer Parts Available.
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