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Nice recap on this morning's MozCon kick-off. I agree these are trends to watch.
5 Trends in the Search Marketing Industry: Rand Fishkin at MozCon

Opening remarks at #mozcon  2014 by +Rand Fishkin 

1. Expect more regulation. Unfortunately, most of the regulation of search does more to increase needless panic than to increase privacy.
2. "Inbound Marketing" is losing out to "Content Marketing" as the defining term of our industry
3. Google's penalties have taken a toll on spam, but hurt many businesses too.
4. We are nearing the end of SEO as a job title. From 2011 on less SEO is my job title, more "SEO is part of my job."
5. Google is shortening the searcher's journey. On the surface, this appears to hurt publishers, but the reality is probably more complicated. Possible positive: If this increases user addiction to searching, maybe creates a bigger pie for us all.

Two logical responses:

1) Diversify your traffic channels
2) Become more important to Google's searchers than Google traffic is to you.

(Personal note: nice to see out +Stone Temple Consulting site used as the example in Rand's MozBar slide!)

New at +Moz an Actin Dashboard in Moz Analytics.
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The live interview with +Brad Geddes is about to start. Woot!
Watch a Hangout on Air interview with PPC expert +Brad Geddes of +Certified Knowledge and submit your questions LIVE about Google's new AdWords enhanced campaigns on Tuesday, August 20.

Board member +Josh Braaten hosts this special preview of the upcoming +MnSearch event on August 28th, 2013 at the Day Block Event Center in Minneapolis.

Submit your questions during the Hangout on the Air in the Google+ event comments below.

Register for the 8/28 MnSearch event:
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