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Susan Bauer Lee
I am not fedorable.
I am not fedorable.

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for all you fans of social media, here's a completely online festival that began as a joke on twitter in 2011 and continued this year via website, youtube, twitter, and facebook.
this video is our entry... go check out the others.
on twitter: #cxcw

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yeah, one more thing to keep up with. but you should probably + us anyway. just because we're making the effort. ;)

games? why. why. why? i'd rather see a music icon up there than the games icon.

Please pass this along.

GUITARS STOLEN from Mitch Easter

Please keep your eyes peeled for the following guitars. Like a lot of us, Mitch has been picking up great guitars along the way. The Fender XII has been his since he was a kid.

Please pass this list around to anyone you know.

1. G&L L-2000 bass, natural, 1980-1 version (Fender headstock) (USA)

2. Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass, aquaburst, ser. no. 046706 recent (USA)

3. Fender pink paisley Stratocaster, 2004 (Japan)

4. Fender rosewood- body Telecaster, rosewood fretboard, 2003 (Mexico)

5. Fender Electric XII, Olympic White w/tortoise pickguard, 1966 (USA)

6. Kay 6-string acoustic, 1962, rebuilt by Scott Baxendale, red sunburst (USA)

7. Guild S-60, black, 1979 (USA)

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testing the app... this is the extension of the beer garden. just haven't planted beer seeds yet. 

ok... so myspace screwed up by giving users too much control with things most users had no business controlling (design, etc). Facebook is screwing up by not allowing enough freedom and forcing users into crappy-ass evolutions that keep breaking the system. g+ looks cool... i see the potential but I'll reserve judgment until the dedicated app shows up. it's gotta be road-worthy to be worth the effort. hell, facebook isn't much road-worthy right now. 

will there be an app for this that will be better than the mobile web site? 'cos at the moment it ain't very road-worthy. sayin'? just. 
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