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Life is short: void the warranty
Life is short: void the warranty

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3 min 19 sec of video that starkly predicts the future of America by looking at which nations are successfully investing in the future and which are not. The U.S. presence in science shows a dramatic collapse between 2000 and 2010. Europe remains a leader, Japan remains a leader, and China BURSTS onto the scene. The U.S. and Africa decline. The maps used in the video make our choices and our future abundantly clear.

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My personal Year of the Maker: Week One in Review.

Dangerous toothy spindles! Euler! RAM upgrades! Skyrim etched in stone! MAKER FAIRE: NC!

Not a bad first week in the new year...

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The Laboratory of a Tony Stark-wannabee from left to right: laser cutter, digital power supply, Leatherman Super Tool, oscilloscope, MacBook Pro, KevTech MakerBot, almond-tini. And yes, this is the after-cleanup version (I really need a underground secret lair).

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David Brin FTW! Happy New Year everyone!
Let's make 2012 the year that gloomy forecasts fail. I hopewe all will strive to prevent Robert Heinlein's dreaded foretelling of Nehemiah Scudder! Welcome to 2012. May it not be a year of twits shouting Armageddon, or dopey nostalgia! But rather a year of restored science,confidence and calm, adult negotiation... and a renewed sense of delight in the future.

How in the world is it that I once spent $200 on a 256MB RAM upgrade and now find myself needing MORE than 4 GIGABYTES -- so I just bought 8 GB for under $60 including expedited shipping???

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Warning! GoDaddy is NOT opposing #SOPA after all:

That your business elsewhere if you actually want a free and open internet.

To all my friends: Merry Christmas (and/or happy whatever your religious holiday this time of year may be). For those of you that are simply irreligious or irreverent: Happy Jimmy Buffett birthday. For the geeks among you: Happy birthday Sir Isaac Newton!

My friends and family are of all faiths and no faith, so I wish you each and every one the best this holiday season because who you are is more important to me by far than whatever you choose to believe!

New iPhone note: Siri does not understand how to "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow". Very disappointing...

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Wibbly-Wobbly Arrestor. Time isn't the only thing that's "wibbly-wobbly". The z-stages on older model Makerbot 3D printers suffer from "racking" where the z-stage motion binds due to non-linearity in the threaded rods that raise and lower it. I've extended my work in living hinges to function as radial springs that release those stresses. Not done yet, but the early test pieces show great promise. They look great, too!

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Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Winter is officially here!

If you're curious about what the winter solstice, why it drifts around between the 20th and 23rd of December, or other cool solsticey-stuff, check out this great page on the subject!
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