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Demystifying Evidence-Based Science
Demystifying Evidence-Based Science

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Christopher Haggarty-Weir gives his thoughts over the whole CRISPR/Cas9 patent debacle. He is currently of the opinion that the judges today in the US were wrong regarding their ruling on the matter that was undergoing interference proceedings.His fundamental reason? The matter of obviousness.

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A new author to MostlyScience, Jaana a Molecular Geneticist from the UK explains everything you need to know and why about Antibiotic Resistance

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Christopher Weir tackles the problems with funding alternative medicine:

"One of the most alarming trends is the global rise in tax-payer funded magic, particularly in developed countries. No, this is not a joke, in nations such as Australia and America there has been an increase in government-funded research and care programs into supplements, complementary and alternative medicine (also known as SCAM, a term coined by the fellows at Science Based Medicine). But before I delve into this further, I should define a few terms, reflect on the general problems of giving SCAM’s both attention and money, then give you some specific examples and why they are particularly problematic."

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This month Mostly Science is proud to host Berry Go Round #62. If you are not familiar with Berry Go Round, it is a blog carnival focusing on plant science!

In this issue we are covering the history of coffee, how Ivy can climb walls, plant diversity in tropical rainforests, and plants that can drink clouds! Check it out below! 

  #science   #ecology   #berrygoround   #plants   #coffee   #botany  

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Re-Cap of the last two weeks of the photo of the week over at

Last week by our own Parasite specialist Christopher Weir posted a blood smear of malaria positive for P. vivax (one of the more lethal types of malaria) captured by Mr. Ramjee, Ms Aasha Mahadeo, and Ms Zoya Hossenbaccus of the University of Mauritius.

The week before posted by our newest contributor Carina Berentsen  of a stunning shot of a great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, originally taken by Christian Vizl at Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, in Mexico.

#science    #shark   #blood   #parasites   #malaria   #greatwhite  

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A while back we posted about a naming contest for Pluto's two new moons (previously P4 and P5) called "Pluto Rocks" put on by SETI. Well the results are in and the two moons are now officially known as Kerberos and Styx keeping with the theme of Pluto's other moons being named from Greek mythology's underworld.

However controversy over the entire process has emerged due to the number one voted name Vulcan, being overruled. The worldwide voting contest was originally started as a science outreach project but some are frustrated with the pointless nature of voting for the name if the committee was going to veto the votes and pick their own.

of a total of 174,062 votes, Vulcan was the only candidate with over 100,000. 

Pluto has five moons that astronomers currently know of with the first and largest moon Charon discovered in 1978 and most recently Styx in 2012. 

What do you guys think? Does this defeat the purpose of public outreach? a rigged contest? or does the IAU have a greater responsibility in keeping the integrity of naming celestial objects? Share your thoughts below.

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Re-posted with permission from the #NASA #SDO mascot +Camilla Corona SDO for all to enjoy, this is Space Weather Explained!

Not sure of the difference between solar wind and a solar flare? then this article is for you!

Thanks again to our favourite rubber chicken for helping us out!

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Kidney dialysis patient first in U.S. to receive blood vessel grown in laboratory at Duke University

Bioengineering at its best.

Google+ Conversation with Al Gore about Combating Climate Change June 11th 2pm EST!

Seven years ago former Vice President Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth, kick-starting a global conversation about climate change. The issue is as pressing as ever and Gore and Jeff Skoll, the film's executive producer, want to hear your ideas.
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