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I'm loving the "Cirilli" by-lines at Politico.

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This is absolutely spot on about media in general. A Mt. Lebanon man telling it like it is.
I'm with @hblodget, who noted, over on Twitter, "OMG: You have to watch +Mark Cuban  shred this ESPN commentator. About time someone cut through the cliches." 

I love how Mark just says it like it is. He's a truth machine.

In this case, it's sports, but he's just as matter-of-factly insightful and honest about business and public policy. A true maverick, who helps us to see the world without the blinders of convention.

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Google+ hit the 50 million user mark faster than any other social network. It took it 88 days. It took facebook over 1,000. It's only a matter of time..

Let's go Bucco's!

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Sadly, this woman fought arbitration, got a trial and lost today. Kudos to Franken though. This is what a Senator is paid to do.
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