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+++Our Indiegogo campaign for ALKALOID's debut album "The Malkuth Grimoire" is online+++

You can also find a complete song there.
Feel free to support it and spread the word!

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New Obscura lineup

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Obscura has a new guitarist: Fountainhead!!!!

Obscura has a new drummer: Sebastian Lanser

“I am really looking forward into working together and sharing stages with Obscura! Since i am a huge admirer of the band and my good friend and drumming buddy Hannes Grossmann, i feel really excited but honored to take a seat on his former throne! This will open a totally new musical chapter in my career!” – Sebastian Lanser

“The role of a rhythm section in metal music is often misunderstood. I’m so happy that we found a drummer that has a great appreciation for dynamic, aggressiveness and groove. It was very important to us forming a new lineup that is able to create new unique and meaningful music within Obscura’s trademark sound. Just take a look at Sebastian’s impressive biography and you’ll see that it’s full of complex and extreme music in various styles. I’m a big fan of his playing and I can’t wait to make music together! He’s the perfect match!” – Linus Klausenitze

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A new interview (in German) about my life as a tech death musician.

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Here's a trailer for the upcoming Asurim EP with Hannes Grossmann and me as session members.
If you're interested for session work get in contact with me.

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Hannes Grossmann playing the opening track of his solo record that I'm still stoked to be part of.

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Metatheosis is already released on Bandcamp now!! Fully downloadable, and as a Name Your Own Price download:

Here's a list of usual donation price suggestions to help you with your decision: 
Low budget = 3-4 EUR
Average = 7-8 EUR
High budget = 10-15 EUR

Note: The official release date is May 6th, but this download is available a few days early because the album is already been uploaded to pirate blogs. This way everyone who can't wait anymore to download Metatheosis has the possibility to get to the hole album from an official source instead of touching any pirate sites. 

And please note that the CDs and LPs are delayed by 1-2 weeks because of a small snag at the plant, but everything will be going out very shortly. 

Thank you once again for your endless support and your patience! 

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Noneuclid has a brand new website (built by me):
You can find a very detailed bio, impressions of our orchestra collaborations and of course all details about our new album “Metatheosis” that will come out on May 6th.

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The second stream of our upcoming Noneuclid album "Metatheosis": "The Black Plague of the Soul."

"There's a little bit of everything here — clustered voices out of the psychedelic sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, a mud-clod caveman riff followed by a grunted pinch harmonic, a clean-cut blast-beat that sometimes subdivides the trudge. When your band includes members of the tech-death outfit Obscura, the melodically driven black-metal group Dark Fortress and the indescribable Triptykon, you're bound to confound metal standards. Still, on an album of mindbogglingly excellent technical frip-frappery, "The Black Plague of the Soul" is Noneuclid in its most aggro South of Heaven mode." - Lars Gotrich, NPR
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