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David Noble
Father of 2 daughters, working as a Paramedic at AMR EMS, and remote Paramedic in the oil field
Father of 2 daughters, working as a Paramedic at AMR EMS, and remote Paramedic in the oil field

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I will be traveling soon and taking a flight. Of course I am taking my vape with me. Anyone with experience flying and carrying your vape with you ?

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Just thought I would leave this here

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Pretty cool
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Rolling Rock Vapor - Covington

FDA Regulations -- What They Are, How They Affect You
As you may have heard, last Thursday the Food & Drug Administration announced that they will be regulating e-cigarettes under the same rules as tobacco products. This became official yesterday when it was entered into the Federal Register.

Leading with the red herring that they mean to "protect the children" (even though selling to minors is already illegal in all but 2 states), the FDA's 499 pages of regulations are even more punishing than how they regulate cigarettes. In 2007, the President gave FDA regulatory authority over tobacco companies, with the intent to never allow any new cigarettes to enter the market. By deeming us a tobacco product, our vaping products are now subject to the same punitive rules, only worse, because back then they grandfathered all cigarettes on the market, making the rules only to be applied to new cigarettes.

They are not grandfathering vapor products, so every product that entered after Feb 2007--all but very rudimentary cig-a-likes--will be required to file a pre-market application at the cost of millions of dollars per SKU (unique product).

What that means is that manufacturers of any e-cigarette component, (tanks, mods, batteries, coils, and yes, e-liquid, etc.)-other than the cigalikes, will have to submit very lengthy, difficult and VERY expensive applications to the FDA to be able to keep (maybe, perhaps) their products on the market.

When I gave a presentation at the White House to protest these regulations in December, I estimated that it would cost Cherry Vape at least $9 BILLION dollars to continue to sell the products that we sell legally now (Cherry Vape's Nicter line consists of 75 flavors at 6 levels each in 2 sizes. That's 900 SKUs. At an estimated $1 million per SKU.) The FDA is well aware of this, and acknowledged that their regs would put manufacturers and vape shops out of business in 2-3 years except for ironically, the Big Tobacco companies who would be able to afford the applications (if they even bother to apply). For a good breakdown of what this means, read Dr. Michael Siegel's Blog.
Royal College of Physicians Agrees With Us:
Luckily, this is right on the tails of the win we had when the Royal College of Physicians published a 200 page review 2 weeks ago of all of the available research studies on e-cigarettes which concluded that they are 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco and should be promoted to smokers worldwide. They stated: "Smokers can therefore be reassured and encouraged to use them, and the public can be reassured that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking." This report was an incredible asset. When Chris and I were in Albany last week, this report raised the interest and support of many of the New York legislators we met with.
Read the report here.
There is something YOU can do!! And it is important to DO IT NOW!!!
Our industry association, SFATA (Chris and I are very active members) knew this was coming for years. We did our best to convince the FDA not to make this decision and in fact there were a few wins -- there is no ban on internet sales or flavors (yet!) I lobbied in February to counter with two pieces of legislation introduced by our industry that are currently working through the House of Representatives. One, the Cole-Bishop amendment is a rider to the budget bill. It was passed through the Agriculture committee last month (another win) and now is in front of the Health Committee. The second piece of legislation is the Cole Bill HT2058 which is a stand-alone bill. Both would move the grandfather date.

What You (and your family/friends) Need to Do ASAP:
WE NEED CO-SPONSORS of this Bill!! At the last DC Fly-in this February, many congressmen expressed concern, but were waiting for the actual ruling to be published by the FDA (clearly many didn't think it would be as bad as it is).

As a vaper, it is imperative that you complete this easy (3 minutes!) Call to Action from (Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association-this is YOUR association and you should join - it's free!). When filling out the call to action, remember to include YOUR personal story in the first paragraph. You will be asking your US representative in the House to show their support of HR 2058 - preferable become a co-sponsor. Writing this letter is not enough so please follow up with their office by phone or face-to-face meeting.
Next Steps:
If you have friends and family that vape, please have them fill it out as well. Plus, if you have a DOCTOR that is willing to write and has seen the results of you switching to vaping, ask them to send a letter. Their testimony will carry weight.
Westchester Vapers: We're planning on setting up a meeting with Rep. Nita Lowey's office in White Plains. Fairfield County Vapers: We're planning on setting up a meeting with Rep. Jim Himes' office in Stamford.
Please email me if you're interested in attending a meeting in the coming weeks and I'll let you know when we have a date/time. I would love her to meet you and actually see that our customers are real people who are adult ex-smokers!
Remember - the election is getting close so our representatives should be listening now more than ever, and many vapers are single issue voters. We have the strength of numbers behind us and can swing this election, according to Grover Norquist at Americans for Tax Reform. At a reception in Washington, I was very encouraged by his "just leave us alone" movement. Read his comments here.

All of us vapers need to work together to be successful in our plan. As a consumer you have power! You can say things like "it helped me quit smoking" everyone you see the life changes you've experienced with vaping! Educate smokers, your friends and family of the issues we face. Recruit them to our side.

There will be more info to follow in the coming weeks and we'll do our best to keep you informed. In the meantime, please, PLEASE feel free to stop by the Vape Den or call us for information. Chris and I will be happy to give you any information we have. Most importantly, keep positive and vape on! There are 9 - 10 millions of vapers in the US today. If we band together, we'll win.

All of us At Rolling Rock Vapor appreciate your support and want to assure you that Rolling Rock Vapor isn't going anywhere. We've been in this fight for many years. We know and support the industry's plan and we'll keep fighting for your right to vape.

Do the CASAA Call to Action.
Call to Action

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Is anyone having problems with hulu and chromecast. Going to another show or after a ad, the chromecast acts if it cannot connect and have to restart the tv to get working again. Anyone else experience this issue?

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So many times I want to post how I really feel right now. But I can't.... 

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Why don't I have any controls on my luck screen when using Google music? 
After the new Android update and Google music update. I no longer have the music player controls on the lock. Anyone else have this problem? How do you fix it?
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