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Daniel Sjöblom
Sysadmin, mostly Linux but most of everything else.
Jack of all trades but very good at operating systems. Linux is the favorite but I am proficient in most others as well. Never gives up until things work as intended.
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Linux, freerunning, motorcross, snowmobile, operating systems in general, Android and Chrome OS in perticular.
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Two interns at work today. Using them as my test group :)
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Daniel Sjöblom

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Out eating with the wifey in Thailand. So far just like a dream. The food is incredible and i will come back fat as a pig. Just perfect for the cold weather back home :/
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+Lotta Sjöblom Oändligt +för AIK kläderna ✌
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Daniel Sjöblom

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Sitting with +Lotta Sjöblom​ waiting for the hours to pass until tomorrow when we fly to warmet places for xmas. Time goes by soooo slowly.
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Hoppa picture ingela
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Daniel Sjöblom

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Ord o inga visor :)
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Bra jobbat +Daniel Sjöblom​:) 
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Been working on deploying 1300 chromebooks and we are seeng the finish line now for the first batches. Im very impressed of how well it works, both Google Apps in a large rollout and Chromebooks. The students and teachers have started working like mad.

A small teacher pilot is also launched and they are so far more pleased than expected.
We are about to dump a motherload of chromebooks on school childrens from class 1 to 6 a bit later.

On top of this i am working on automatic account creation, login federation and parental login functions.

The wifi solution from +Ubiquiti Networks​​, Unifi has handled the load very well. 200 AP and a concurrent load of 900 devices is imho pretty good for that price. In fact it is damn good! We run the cheaper Pro APs with 802.11N but they still cope with the load. The AC model is even better but we decided to wait in lifting the whole network.

Apart from that it is Linux and OSS all day long at work. :)
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+Ted Wallin​ allt i AP är OSS, likaså mycket av controllern. Jämfört med de andra på marknaden är det mycket hemtrevligt. 
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Daniel Sjöblom

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My babe is puzzling and singing. 19 days until we head for Thailand for xmas, my life love and I. A late honeymoon with +Lotta Sjöblom​ and i cant wait!
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Daniel Sjöblom

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We have all done this :)
Unix shell user will understand this. RT “@yokalli: Well this explains everything. ”

 #funny #linux #unix   #bash  
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Yes.. Then I got a reboot message and kernel not found. 
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Daniel Sjöblom

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This product looks really interesting. Love the thought of not being tied to one single vendor for the hardware. 
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It is a wifi controller software that is cloud based. You register your AP with tananza and use their controller instead of the one that came (or was an expensive option) with your APs.
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Daniel Sjöblom

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Laying the foundation for mine and +Lotta Sjöblom s Thailand trip. Merry Xmas!

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Carlsbergs baren på Arlanda? Classy! 
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Finns inga granar i Thailand dit jag å +Lotta Sjöblom​​ ska åka över jul! Ha så kul med julstressen! Muahahahahah!
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Åhh, jag vill också dit! 😊
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Daniel Sjöblom

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The real one
Let's see if you smart ass holes repost this as much as you did the other one. I doubt it. 
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Daniel Sjöblom

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+Lotta Sjöblom bakar

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Långsamt men ändå resolut? +Michel Laine​
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Excellent hotel, nice staff.
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