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Life :D
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Daniel Hedblom

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Snowstorm and 2+ Celcius outside :/
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+8 in kramfors
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I see Oculus as dead since Facebook got their dirty hands on it.
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Daniel Hedblom

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Awesome video where Brian Hull does Let It Go with a range of Disney character voices. :D
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Daniel Hedblom

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Fiddling around with TicketZoom in OTRS Helpdesk and listening to my favorite square wave jockeys on Google Play Music. +rymdkraft +Dunderpatrullen  +FantomenK . Sweden represents!

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Yay! :)
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Daniel Hedblom

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Google Musik up in Sweden, and my fav artists too! :D
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I love my chromebook, hard to explain but like i like tools that always work, or how my chainsaw never craps out and always starts :)
I love my Chromebook!

It has replaced my tablet and my Windows laptop, totally.
I have the cheap Samsung, but I don't mind, still love it.

When I'm on the move...

- My CB fits in my handbag
- My CB is light -> does not ruin the handbag
- My CB fires up in seconds
- My CB shuts down when I close the lid.
- My CB battery lasts for at least 7 hours
- My CB is the Interwebz

When I'm at home...

- My CB is in the bedroom for night-time reading
- My CB is in the kitchen for recipes
- My CB is in the toilet... ???  Hey!
- My CB is in my son's room
- My CB is at school with my son.

Hello, iMac.

#ChromeOS   #Chromebook   #Jaanatip     #Google  
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Daniel Hedblom

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Best buy ever. Chromecast works so well. Easier than anything i habe ever used!

Photocast, for those of us that think torture by photo slides is ok. :)
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Jag fick stänga av brandväggen i routerinställningarna för att den skulle funka. Hur farligt är det egentligen?
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This was a punch in the face! Pistonhead Flat Tire beer.

The fruity beer, needs a rainbow unicorn shitting kittens for a logo.

Tasty :)
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First taste very much like poo... i guess. 
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Yay! Google play is up in Sweden for gadgets! Ordered a Chromecast just now. Biting my nails waiting for Google Glass to be released.

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I always support companies that acts nicely to their customers. Always has. :)
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Sysadmin, mostly Linux but most of everything else.
Jack of all trades but very good at operating systems. Linux is the favorite but I am proficient in most others as well. Never gives up until things work as intended.
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Linux, freerunning, motorcross, snowmobile, operating systems in general, Android and Chrome OS in perticular.
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