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Will Heffernan
My name is Will Heffernan and amongst other things I’m a strength and conditioning coach.
My name is Will Heffernan and amongst other things I’m a strength and conditioning coach.

I have lost 100,000 views? How did that happen? Did people unview?

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This reference is from 2008. 

This word was actually invented in a Utah restaurant sometime before 2008...and today for the first time ever I heard someone use it and quote it to me in conversation right here in Melbourne, Australia. 

I don't think people will ever appreciate the contribution I've made to health, fitness and sports training....but at least a few people know the contribution that I've made to the English language :)
Urban Dictionary: manotaur
Urban Dictionary: manotaur

For personal reasons my personal page, the informed performance page, my youtube channel and my blogs will be deleted this coming month. Thank you for your support and all the best with all your endeavors now and in the future.

If you are adding me to your 'circles' here on Google+ then you are most likely interested in strength and conditioning or health and fitness. If so then you should go ahead and join the IP community page. Feel free to introduce yourself there in the 'Introduction' section on the page or you can drop me a line and let me know who you are. I'm interested in knowing what you are interested in and what your background is. 

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My food is better than your food.

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I saw this article. I thought it would be interesting to my Irish and US friends.

I could write about this for page after page. 

I will try to keep this short though...and in short...people in Australia are clueless...I mean completely and utterly clueless when It comes to how incredibly good we have here. 

Some points:
The food is amazing...I mean truly amazing. I have lived and worked all over the world and there are more fabulous restaurants and cafes within a 2km radius of my apartment in Melbourne than I could think of 'best' places I've been in the whole rest of the world...if you don't believe me...come will blow your mind.

The weather is amazing...I don't even need to talk about that.

The environment is just spectacular...I live in the city and in 30 minutesI can be down at the beach or in the bush...never lived anywhere like it.

I am surrounded by concerts, festivals and gigs...just an endless array of music and culture. 

As far as sport is never ending within 15 minutes walk I can go to the MCG to watch AFL or to AAMI stadium to watch the Storm play League or the Rebels play Union.

There is work...people turn down jobs here....unbelievable.

We live in such an incredible country and people WHINGE about it endlessly...I spend my time listening to people who live in paradise complaining about it endlessly.

I think every Australian should have to spend 2 years living and working in Europe or the US. 

I wake up every day and go to be every night feeling blessed.

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I was at the Australian Catholic University this morning...and overheard two youngsters (I'm old enough now that I get to call 20 year olds that) talking about cars...Honda's vs Mitsubishi's and all I could think of was this song.

My Irish friends will know US friends will like/appreciate it and I figure my Australian friends will just wonder what it's about and might just get a laugh.

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Just 'sharing' this share. Lots of people ask me about drugs in sport. He's an interview from Glenn Pendlay's forum. 
I'm fairly sure you can read this without being a member of Glenn's forum but this is good little interview dealing with drugs in elite sport.
Apparently, testosterone, growth hormone and EPO for the win. Sign me the hell up.

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Waiting for the chicken to make the first move.

Over 36,500 people have viewed my profile and 85 people after looking at my profile have decided that I was worth following.

So I figure that means that I've only got to have about 6,500 more people to view my page to get the 15 more followers I need to break the 100 follower mark :)
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