While I still think Raspberry Pi is the most intriguing option on the market -- by far the cheapest and the most "raw" -- the mini machine playing field is getting pretty interesting. IMO, at $199, FXI "Cotton Candy" is not hitting the price point, albeit it is stuffed with a dual core CPU, good graphics acceleration and 512MB of RAM. OTOH, this new AllWinner mini with Android 4.0, or any ARM-ported distro, selling for $74, is hitting the point.

Yes, it's twice as much as R-Pi, but looking at the specs, you'll get twice as much for the money. I still like the "made-in-my-garage"-look of R-Pi, but I'm also pretty sure I'll be longing for some more computing power while I wonder how many more seconds it'll take to get the R-Pi's web browser loaded. Maybe Raspberry Pi has had the desired effect of pushing manufacturers to release cheaper, yet capable mini machines.

I hope this is just the beginning.
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